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The Energy of Dependancy and The Dependancy of Energy: Gabor Mat̩ at TEDxRio+20 Рjj

The Energy of Dependancy and The Dependancy of Energy: Gabor Maté at TEDxRio+20

Canadian physician Gabor Maté is a specialist in terminal illnesses, chemical dependents, and HIV positive patients. Dr. Maté is a renowned author of books and columnist known for his knowledge about attention deficit disorder, stress, chronic illness and parental relations. His theme at TEDxRio+20 was addiction — from drugs to power. From the lack of love to the desire to escape oneself, from susceptibility of the being to interior power — nothing escapes. And he risks a generic and generous prescription: “Find your nature and be nice to yourself.”

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  1. Listening to any true visionaries can often sound a bit simplistic, dreamy, naive; childish; spiritual, if you will. At least those who are not ready for the message often say so. That's because true empathy, true inclusion, true caring, true shared joy are all superficially simple concepts with simple applications, but they are vital to our well-being. The things which sound complicated, which are hard to explain to laymen, which need "experts" to demystify are so for a reason; the reason is often that they lie further away from the core of life and the sustaining of life in a good and dignified way; they are less important and should be treated as such. A man like Maté understands this and explains the truly important things in a simple, understandable, inclusive way. In an honest way.

  2. Damn, it's too bad they did those mouse experiments. The suffering of those mice would have been unimaginable. I know, I know. It led to valuable insights. But I wish they had found some other way.

  3. I was on morphine when I was 5 years old and had surgery in 1966. For a whole month. On and off through my whole life I've been on opioids. I never realized how addicting the article I tried to stop and I only took two 7.5 Vicodins a day. Well with the fentanyl I mean opioid crisis whatever they call it it's not what they think., I had have my foot amputated and had to go cold turkey off Roxy's they gave me a hundred and twenty after surgery. I was sick in bed for 3 days if I didn't have CBD I don't think I could have done it alone and no I don't want Suboxone I tried it it's horrific. But by the CDC rules if a person is in serious pain and it affects your quality of life they're not supposed to take it away but if you smoke weed they do and it's f*** up. Ever since I quit I have never felt the same I can't go out and have fun cuz I'm in pain all the time. I think my brain is forever changed and I'll never be the same again if you can never take narcotics don't do it it will f*** you up even if you have to take them get off them and throw them out so your kids can't get them and I've done that too

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