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They denounce Mapfre firm for not offering satisfactory protection overseas – jj

They denounce Mapfre firm for not offering satisfactory protection overseas

Joaquín Herrera traveled to Brazil, to the city of Salvador de Bahia, he contracted medical insurance with Mapfre, but when he had an emergency and needed it he could not use it.

Mapfre had no agreement with the Portuguese hospital where the patient was, because he only had an agreement with only one health center in Salvador de Bahia in Brazil, but in this clinic they indicated to Herrera that he should move on his own since they did not have instruments emergency doctor, according to the medical report issued by the Portuguese hospital.

Joaquín Herrera had paid $ 80 for the insurance, but Mapfre did not give him the guarantee letter he needed to attend and also did not help him move to the only medical center with which the insurer had an agreement, in addition, the patient had to resort to another company to offer help while your life was in danger.

Mapfre issued a statement where he said he was just aware of what happened and apologized to the user. Although Herrera has not yet taken legal action, but if he makes the complaint against Indecopi, Mapfre could receive a fine of up to 2 million 500 thousand soles.

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Broadcast in the 24 Hours Central Edition of Panamericana Televisión on 07/15/2019

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