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Three Divorce Payments to be introduced at this time in Lok Sabha Triple Talaq invoice to be tabled at this time in Lok Sabha – jj

Three Divorce Payments to be introduced at this time in Lok Sabha Triple Talaq invoice to be tabled at this time in Lok Sabha



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Updated: Thursday, July 25, 2019, 7:58 (IST)

new Delhi. There may be discussion in the Lok Sabha today on three Divorce bills, it is believed that this bill will be passed today in the Lok Sabha. Prior to discussing the bill, the BJP has issued Whip to all its MPs and asked them to be present in the House. Explain that divorce is said to be a crime in the three Divorce bills, together with three divorce cases. In such a case, if the accused is found guilty then there is a provision for punishment. It is worth mentioning that after coming to power for the second time in the Narendra Modi government, this bill was first introduced in the House. Although many opposing parties had opposed it, and despite this, its government is firm on its decision.

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Although this bill can be easily passed in the Lok Sabha because BJP has a figure of no where with the absolute majority in the Lok Sabha. But in the Rajya Sabha, the party may face difficulties. Here against the bill, Naveen Patnaik's party will oppose the Biju Janata Dal, YSR Congress of Andhra Patka. Even the BJP's ally Nitish Kumar's party JD (U) will also oppose this bill. Congress is also against the provision of punishment for men in this bill.

Let us say that a few days ago JDY's Rajya Sabha MP and spokesperson Casey Tyagi had said that it is weird that despite the NDA, we are opposing the government on issues like uniform civil code and triple divorce. It is tragic that there is no platform available in NDA to discuss the issues discussed, neither the Common Minimum Program nor the Co-ordination Committee. Casey Tyagi further said that NDA has not decided on sharing strategy for issues like uniform civil code, so every party has their own line. We support Article 370. It should not be touched, on the Ram temple, even the PM has said that we should wait for the court's decision, but some BJP leaders are saying that they will not respect the court's decision. It has become a strange situation for us.

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