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Tiger Woods Vs Rory McIlroy How they get extra energy! – jj

Tiger Woods Vs Rory McIlroy How they get extra energy!


Tiger Woods vs Rory McIlroy How they get more power!

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  1. And notice how at the moment of impact their left shoulder is way high in the air.   Crouching down that much will chunk the ground, unless you rotate the hips and shoulders through, resulting in the left shoulder being high.

  2. @63 Bueno Tiger stopped working with Butch Harmon because Butch teaches an early wristcock and Tiger changed to a longer wider backswing. Faldo had the David Leadbetter swing, short and tight. One is designed for accuracy and the other for length. At one time finding the rough meant a dropped shot,now they bomb it as far as they can. That's the reason square grooves are now illegal.

  3. and theres no change…Its not a matter of "getting away with it"..its about using your body as a lever, the modern swing….These guys hit it as pure as anyone throughout the game's history….Hogan used to dip even more if u watch his old videos

  4. Guess you haven't looked at the change in spine angle when you drop 4 inches. Hey with their hand/eye coordination they get away with it, just like Sam Snead's straight right leg at top. There is more than one way to strike a golf ball. Both Miller and Faldo know the golf swing!!!! How many majors do you have??

  5. it's not a fault, it's the reason they are so good. They don't merely bend over, but compress into the ground, creating incredible power, and by compressing their hips are driven backwards as the bend in their knees increases. That is why the head lowers, and the spine angle stays virtually unchanged. Do some swing research before making an ignorant comment, probably fueled by Johnny Miller's and Nick Faldo's ignorant assessments of their own of Tiger's swing.

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