Uttar Pradesh Information in Hindi: Congress priyanka gandhi attak on up police The woman who got here to complain of tampering stated the policeman- 6 rings are worn, everybody is aware of what are you?


  • The incident happened at Najirabad police station in Kanpur, the victim was going to fill the police station.
  • Mabhlay's dabangs tampered with a woman, beat her on protest
  • Priyanka Gandhi said: – The first step towards getting justice for women is to listen to them.

Dainik Bhaskar

Jul 25, 2019, 08:01 PM IST

Kanpur. In the matter of questioning the character of the girl who came to complain of molestation in the police station, Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi has targeted the upper house. Priyanka tweeted – This kind of behavior is being done in the police station along with the young woman who had gone to write a report of flirting. Whereas women are the first stairs to get justice, listen to them.

The incident is from the Najirabad police station of Kanpur. The victim had reached the police station after complaining of molestation. Instead of writing the report, the policemen questioned the character of the young woman. A video related to the incident was viral on social media. When the matter reached senior officers, the line was attached to the accused policeman.

Is this the case?

The victim was going to fill water in the Nazirabad police station of Kanpur. During this, three youths living in the mohalla tampered with him. If the woman protested against this, she was beaten up. Seeing when his brother reached for help, the dabangas hit him too.

The victim reached the police station to complain with the mother. There, presently, he came to know about the whole incident from the victim. After that – why are you wearing this ring, ring lock? What is the need to wear so many items? What do you need when you do not study? What is the benefit from this? This shows what you are?

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