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When sexual abuse occurred with an MP – jj

When sexual abuse occurred with an MP


Derek O'Brien, Poxo Act

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Derek O'Brien

Conservation of Children from Sexual Offenses (Amendment) Bill, 2019, was passed in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday.

During the discussion on this bill, Trinamool MP Derek O'Brien not only supported the bill but also told his neighbor.

He told how he too was a victim of sexual abuse at the age of 13 years and was unable to discuss it for many years.

Derek O'Brien said in the Rajya Sabha, "It is very clear where sexual abuse begins, it starts from home. People need to talk openly and start a discussion. The number of people involved in public life will speak on this exploitation, it will be easier for the children to speak for themselves. "

"Sir, I want to talk about this, with great pride, sadness and sorrow, I want to tell – my family knows about this and I think India needs to know about this too – 13 At the age of the year, sexual abuse was also done with me in a bus in Kolkata. "

"I was returning from tennis practice and I wore half pants and T-shirts. I got into a crowded bus and a man sexually abused me. I did not talk to anyone about this. We need to use this platform to deliver these things to the people. The more we talk about, the more children will be safe. He said that this is not about punishment but it is about to stop it. Therefore talking about this crime will help in preventing them. "

Women and Child Development Minister Smriti Irani praised this statement by Derek O'Brien.

Smriti Irani said, "A MP told at the age of 13 at the age of the age of 46 who who had survived. It shows how sexual abuse affects children. "

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Smriti Irani

Will become one Thousand New court

Earlier, Smriti Irani, while presenting the Amendment Bill in the Rajya Sabha, also said, "To allow the cases filed under Poxo law and other sexual harassment cases to be disposed of, the government has given permission to make at least 1023 fast track courts, Especially for women. There are more than one lakh cases pending in the country and 18 states have agreed to form a court. The government has approved the expenditure of 767 crores for which the central government will raise the cost of Rs 474 crores. It's the goal of making them up to 2021. "

Many Opposition parties in the POSCO (Amendment) Bill, 2019 appearing in the Rajya Sabha also supported it. The biggest change in this bill is that now the provision of death penalty for sexual harassment has also been made with children.

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What are the changes

Poxo law was created in 2012 to protect children and adolescents from sexual offenses. It provided for severe punishment for juveniles and children under the age of 18 who were convicted of sex offenses.

The Central Government has made this amendment to curb rising incidents of sexual offenses against children.

In order to give strict punishment to the perpetrators, the amendment has been amended in Section 4, 5, 6, 9, 14, 15 and 42 of Poxo Law 2012.

According to the amendments made in the bill, now children can be sentenced to death in cases of sexual abuse. In severe cases of sexual offenses with children, provision of punishment for life imprisonment and capital punishment ranged from 20 years. Penalty will also be imposed on the culprit.

These include harassment during natural disaster and giving the child hormone or chemical for premature sexual maturity.

Children will be punished and fined for using child pornography for five years. If someone is found involved in this kind of crime again, then seven years of imprisonment and fine will be imposed.

In addition to enhancing the scope of pornography, photos have been included in addition to the photographs made from photograph, video and computer. If any such material is available, it will be fined 5000 rupees.

If used for business purposes, then at least three years will be punished, which can be extended up to five years.

The Union Minister said that when the Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill was discussed last year, there were questions about its non-gender neutral. But with the change in Poxo law, this law has been tried to get a gender neutral.

The Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill provided for the death penalty in rapes with girls under 12 years of age.

Memory Iran also told in the Rajya Sabha that last year the Home Ministry launched a national data base of sex offenders. It has data of six million 20 thousand sex offenders. When such person goes for a job, their institute sends their information to the police for verification. Then this data helps in identifying them.

According to the National Crime Bureau's 2016 data, under the Poxo Act, a total of 36022 cases were registered in a year, of which 36321 were the number of victims.

In the same way, 19765 cases of rape were registered with the children. 934 cases of sexual harassment of children and 47 cases of child pornography or use of child pornography in pornography were registered.

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