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ZEE info: 20th anniversary of victory in Kargil warfare | ZEE info: 20th anniversary of victory in Kargil warfare – jj

ZEE info: 20th anniversary of victory in Kargil warfare | ZEE info: 20th anniversary of victory in Kargil warfare


Tomorrow the entire country will celebrate the 20th anniversary of victory in the Kargil war … although the celebration is going on since the beginning of this month. And the Zee News team is reporting on the fronts at thousands of feet in Kargil on those fronts … where the war was fought with the Pakistan army in 1999. Pakistan's army should not repeat such mischief,

Army Chief General Bipin Rawat has warned very clearly in this regard. General Bipin Rawat has said that Pakistan will no longer have the courage to infiltrate in Kargil again. He said that India's position on Kargil mountains is so strong that it is not possible for Pakistan to repeat infiltration like 1999. And Pakistan should understand that India can do such a mission.

Confidence in General Bipin Rawat's words is clearly visible. And the army has this confidence … due to which today we and you are safe, the whole country is safe. We have full faith that our country is a Mahfouz in the hands of the Indian Army. After 20 years of Kargil war, it is also time to think about what India has learned from these two decades and what is this lesson for Pakistan.

After the defeat in Kargil, Pakistan has understood that now it would be like inviting the war, it would be like inviting the war directly. Because India will again punish her for this mistake by giving her a 20-year sentence.

The second lesson for Pakistan is that infiltration like Kargil can not change the status quo of Kashmir. Because India will not delay in taking back its land and it is possible that Pakistan will lose its land next time.

The victory of the Indian Army in Kargil had also ended the policy of Pakistan's nuclear blackmail. Because then, General Pervez Musharraf, General of the Pakistan Army, was a misconception that India will sit down silent in view of the danger of nuclear war.
Pakistan has become more unstable after the Kargil war. Democracy in Pakistan is not safe even today.

It can be said that Imran Khan's government is also running on the Rahmon Karam of General Qamar Javed Bajwa today.

Imran Khan is very well aware that Parvez Musharraf had changed the government of Nawaz Sharif's government. This incident took place two and a half months after the Kargil war ended in October 1999.

In these twenty years, Pakistan has not made any attempt to improve. Today Pakistan has reached the brink of the poorest, but still he believes in investing in terrorism.

While in these 20 years India has reached the height of the world. We have a goal of becoming an economy of 5 trillion dollars. We are going to keep a foothold on the moon. India has the most powerful government at the moment. And that's why Pakistan should understand today that it is not a terrorism policy to take any country forward … but it requires a powerful leadership and a strong democracy, who knows how to enter the enemy's house against terrorism and answer it.

India has learned many things from Kargil war. Now our army is equipped with superior weapons and equipment. Although infiltration in Kargil is called the failure of the intelligence system, India has made great preparations to monitor its borders. Today we will also tell you about some of the Indian Army's troops deployed in Kargil.

Earlier in DNA, we have told you about the war in Tiger Hill, Tololing and Batalik Sector in Drass Sector. We have also told you about Kargil Battle School. Today, there is an alternative to the military's promptness and its new weapons in the DNA … The team of Zee News has reported from the Sando Post near Tiger Hill. Seeing this, you will get more and more on the preparation of the surefire Indian army.

Tomorrow, before the Vijay Day, the Indian Army has created a Short Film on the Kargil War … You must watch this movie. After watching this movie, you will understand in a few minutes how the Indian army defeated Pakistan on three fronts during the Kargil war.

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