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✪ 1.12 – 1.8 ✪ Naruto Minecraft Server – Clan Jutsus Tutorial – jj

✪ 1.12 – 1.8 ✪ Naruto Minecraft Server – Clan Jutsus Tutorial

If you don’t know which clan to choose, this might help you. Join our Naruto RPG server! ✪1.9✪ Our server IP is: naruto.animerpgserver.com.



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  1. hey can you help me join the server!!??I just finished watching naruto and now im watching the shipuden series!!It tells me it is whitelisted??Can you add erguigi1234abcd!?If you could that would be awesome

  2. Guys 1: Its a premium server (This means you have to buy minecraft, there is no way  around getting premium minecraft, if you have minecraft, but not bought it, its cracked, this means you can only join cracked servers) 2: This IP brings you to an hub server which is a server that can bring you to other servers. 3: the naruto RPG server is whitelisted (This means they have to add you to the white list for you to join)

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