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20 years of bravery: The primary door to win within the Kargil battle was 'Tololing' | 20 years of bravery: The primary door to win within the Kargil battle was 'Tololing' – jj

20 years of bravery: The primary door to win within the Kargil battle was 'Tololing' | 20 years of bravery: The primary door to win within the Kargil battle was 'Tololing'


new Delhi: The first door to win in the Kargil war was open after the blowing of Indian Tricolor on the peak of Tololing. Actually, the location of Tololing was such that Pakistani intruders sitting there could not only see every activity of National Highway 1 linking Srinagar to Leh, but it was very easy to target the convoy of the army passing through it. Were able to make In this case, the biggest challenge facing the Indian Army was to capture the Tololing peaks.

It was not possible to send the convoy of the army, the logistics material and weapons forward, without overtaking Tololling from the intruders of Pakistani infiltrators. The responsibility of freeing the Tololling peaks from Pakistani intruders was given to the Regiment of 2 Rajputana Rifles. This regiment of 2 Rajputana Rifles was deployed between Tangargarg and Gulmarg in those days. The regiment was informed that the Kargil hills have been captured by Pakistani infiltrators, who have to be released from their clutches as soon as possible.

As soon as the orders were made to travel, two pieces of Rajputana Rifles were set out to Tololing. So far, the Indian Army's troops did not have any hesitation in saying that they were going for any war. According to Captain Akhilesh Saxena, who was part of this team, we had entered the Drass sector, when only 2-3 grenades of my Jeep fell and fell. We were surprised by this attack. At that time, there was only one question in our mind that the exact information of our movement was reaching from the intruders.

In the same way, this team of Rajputana Rifles was told that Pakistani intruders have reached the tolling peaks in front. They can easily see every activity that happens in the area from that hill. After reaching the unit, the team of Rajputana Rifles was told that two attempts to capture in Tololing have not only failed but also have martyrdom in many of these jawans. The team of Rajputana Rifles was also informed that the body of the Major Development Officer, who was martyred in this endeavor, is still in the hills of Tololing.

The Rajputana Rifles troop started making strategies to free Tololing from the Pakistani intruders and to bring back the dead body of his martyred Captain Development Officer. The team of Rajputana Rifles used to climb directly on the hill of this Tololing. The position of Pakistani infiltrator sitting on the hill was such that he could see every activity of the Indian Army. Due to being in the hill above, the power of the enemy had increased by 20 times the Indian Army.

Despite all these challenges, the detachment of Rajputana Rifles decided to move forward. At the same time, Pakistani intruders knew that there is only one way to come to the Indian Army. So, they had laid land mines in place of that place. They used to intercept the Indian army till they came near him. As soon as the Pakistani intruders used to fire bullets on Indian soldiers. It was also with Rajputana Rifles jawans who came to free the Tololling from the intruders.

Just as the Rajputana rifles troop approached the intruders, they started shooting a shot at the Indian Army jawans. Many Indian soldiers of the Indian Army were injured in the attack and many jawans were martyred. After this attack, the team of Rajputana Rifles came to know that the hidden Pakistani infiltrators in the bunker are not terrorists but the soldiers of the enemy army are trends. After this attack by the Pakistani army, the Rajputana Rifles personnel changed their strategy.

Under the new strategy, the decision was made to reach the intruders in the night instead of day-to-day. Under the strategy, the team of Rajputana Rifles, who reached close to the peak of Tololing, sent the Bofors team to the position of the Pak army and firing on them. Taking advantage of the situation, the Indian Army's soldiers completed their climbing and managed to reach bunkers of enemies, as Bofors's shells were forced to fall under the army. Here there is a war between Pakistani infiltrators and the Indian Army for about two days. Finally at around four o'clock on the morning of June 13, the Indian army managed to hoist the Indian tricolor on the top of Tololing.

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