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2013 report submitted in Railway, accountable for the accident in Mahakumbh, Meeting railway accident for the mahakumbh incident in 2013 – jj

2013 report submitted in Railway, accountable for the accident in Mahakumbh, Meeting railway accident for the mahakumbh incident in 2013



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Updated: Thursday, July 25, 2019, 17:04 [IST]

Allahabad / Prayagraj The report of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry has been reported in the history of Kumbh, on February 10, 2013, that there was a black day. In the case of 36 people killed in a stampede at Allahabad railway station, the report of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry has been introduced in the Assembly. In which the responsible railway has been told to the railway. Please tell that in 2013 the Mahakumbh was organized in Prayagraj. On 10th February, a huge crowd of Mauni Amavasya, when all the arrangements were made on the railway station, all the arrangements had failed and some people fell down and the stampede broke down due to the breakdown of the foot over bridge. At the railway station, there was such a rift that 36 people died in the stampede. While a large number of people were injured. This single-member inquiry commission was constituted under the chairmanship of retired judge Omkareshwar Bhatt for high level judicial inquiry of this case.

railway accident for the mahakumbh incident in 2013

Long check

Intensive investigation of the case began on February 17, 2013 and now it has been reported in the Legislative Assembly. The report also mentions the cause of the incident, the trial of the efforts made, and the responsibility for the incident. In which the most important reason was to declare illusory information being announced by the Railway Administration. That is, the misleading information being given to run special trains was the biggest reason, due to which the crowd was increasing. At the moment, this suggestion has been given in this report so that in future, such an accident will not be repeated again. The report presented in the Assembly has a detailed review of the accident responsibilities. According to the railway's highest responsibility of the accident. Doctors and medical facilities were not provided by the railway administration. The Government Railway Police had neither an ambulance nor a doctor appointed. The railway administration could not provide the stretcher to the extent.

What are the recommendations of commission

2013, the judicial inquiry commission has suggested for the incident to never happen again, in which it has been said that during the Mahakumbh or Ardhkumba, fair special trains should not be run from Allahabad railway junction, the pressure of passengers on the junction should be reduced, at junction Two extra foot overbridges should be made and two FOBs should be used as a single direction. If the FOB or underground paths are not formed then the existing FOB should be made a single direction. Confiscate towards the Civil Lines of the junction complex and be sure to have an emergency corridor and emergency medical care. The operations of the freight trains were restricted one day before and one day after the main festivals. Another permanent bridge will be built on the Phaphmau Ganga river. During the fair, the fares of railways and roadways are the same. The corner of the platform and the premises is in the CCTV surveillance. Special action for Rapid Action Force and crowd control at the station, Fair Management Department is formed in Prayagraj city.

Why was the reason

In the report of the judicial inquiry commission, there are significant reasons for the accident. In the absence of fair special trains, misleading information of railways, non-directional route of railway, entry of station from the Civil Lines, operation of freight trains, small traveler shelter site .foot overbridge. Not open three, more Do not apply pre-proposed schemes to the crowd. Do not divert the crowd, there is not enough room for passengers to get back from the road. One important reason for the commission's report was that it was worsened by the RPF jawans when the policarbonate pole was used on the passengers. Unimportant therapeutic approach, the negligence of the railway officers after the accident was an important reason for the accident.

Know what happened

During the Maha Kumbh 2013, after the bathing of Mauni Amavasya, crowds of people started climbing at Allahabad railway station to return. Due to not having a single route overbridge, people started climbing and landing on a single path. During this time, the information about changing the platform of the Mela Special Train was broadcast, the number of crowds over overbridge became excessive. Lots of people were lying on overbridge too. People started pushing one another ahead of each other and started trying to find a place to sit in the train. Meanwhile, the crowd at the footover bridge towards platform number 6 became so crowded that the railings were also broken and some people fell down. After this the panic broke. To stop the stampede, the police started cluttering the sticks. After the accident, the railway administration got involved in suppressing the matter. But, the accident was so violent that the counting of the corpses had started. The media of the entire world provided coverage to this event and the whole country was nullified by this incident. People were unable to get medical treatment at the railway station. There were no arrangements for people to take to the hospital and a ruckus broke out outside the railway station on loose attitude. The police surrounded the entire area around the railway station and people were stopped from going to the station. After a hard stroke, the situation came in control. About 36 people were killed in this accident and more than 30 people were seriously injured.

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