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9 Indians launched by Iran, many nonetheless mortgages – jj

9 Indians launched by Iran, many nonetheless mortgages


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The Indian Ministry of External Affairs has announced that Iran has released 9 Indian nationals out of the 12 present in the oil tanker MT Riyah, which was seized some days ago.

The Revolutionary Guards of Iran had taken this oil tanker in its possession in the early days of July.

The flag of Panama was on this ship.

The Iranian government has accused MT Riyah of smuggling a restricted fuel.

Over the past few days, relations with Iran and Britain have become tense on the movement of oil tankers in Hormuz Bay.

Iran has seized one of the ships of Britain's flag Staina Impero with its 23-member crew in this area.

Tensions between Iran and Britain

After the arrest of British oil tanker Stena Impero, the tension between the UK and Iran seems to be increasing.

British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt had asked Iran to immediately release the ship and threatened to face serious consequences if not done.

However, Iran has not yet released Stena Impero and its crew.

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After this, the British government has decided to provide protection from the Royal Navy, passing through the Gulf of Hormuz, to the British flag tanks.

The British government has instructed the owners of all the ships to report information about their ships' routes.

Tensions between Iran and USA continue

The dispute over the nuclear agreement has been ongoing between Iran and the USA for the past few days.

Recent tensions between Iran and the USA were born when President Donald Trump decided to separate from the nuclear deal with Iran.

This agreement was signed in 2015 by the United States, USA, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany.

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It was decided in the agreement that Iran will reduce its nuclear deal and use only three percent uranium.

Iran has increased uranium enrichment in response to the declaration of separation from the nuclear deal and the restoration of sanctions by US President Donald Trump.

These uranium is used as a fuel in nuclear power plants, but it can also be used in the preparation of atomic bombs.

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