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Auto, House, and Private Insurance coverage – jj

Auto, House, and Private Insurance coverage


Auto, Home, and Personal Insurance

Your valuable time and hard-earned money is spent on the things you love. Protect your assets and your life’s financials with personal insurance. Everyone tends to buy Home & Auto insurance, but there is much more to protect yourself from.

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Home Insurance
We know how important your home is to you. Home insurance doesn’t just protect your house and property, it also protects yourself and your guests. We can help you tailor the perfect home insurance product to satisfy all of your needs. Protect your hard earned investment.

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Landlord Insurance
We understand that your rental property is an investment. Managing properties comes with liabilities we can help identify. Whether it is a single family or multifamily structure, we have solutions for your.

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Condo Insurance
Although your condo association may have coverage for the building and common areas, we can review your contract to make sure you are properly protected for your specific unit and personal liability.

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Renters Insurance
When you are renting an apartment or house, it is your responsibility to protect your personal belongings. Renters insurance not only protects your belongings, but also protects you, as the tenant, if you’re legally responsible for injuries or damage on the property.

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Auto Insurance
We can deliver a better way to protect your car and drivers on the road. Whether you drive a sedan, minivan, hybrid, SUV, or pickup, we have options for you. Protect you and your family from the road’s unknowns.

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RV Insurance
Enjoy seeing new places, spectacular scenery, and cruising the highway.  Our experts can help protect you, your family, and  your  home on wheels. Wherever the road may lead you, we can take care of you.

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Motorcycle Insurance
Enjoy your freedom on the roads knowing your motorcycle is properly protected. We understand that your bike is unique. Make sure you have the right coverage, including custom equipment or gear replacement coverage.

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Umbrella Insurance
This liability coverage may be the most valuable product you have never heard of. It extends over your current insurance policies to go above and beyond. Not just for high earners, an umbrella policy could be as little as skipping a few coffees a month.

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Boat Insurance
Owning a boat can be a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. We can help you relax knowing you, your passengers, and your watercraft are properly protected while on the water, in transit, and in storage.

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