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BJP launched 50 days report card of Modi authorities, know what’s particular BJP working president JP Nadda offered a report card of Modi 2.zero govt first 50 days – jj

BJP launched 50 days report card of Modi authorities, know what’s particular BJP working president JP Nadda offered a report card of Modi 2.zero govt first 50 days



oi-Rahul Kumar


Updated: Friday, July 26, 2019, 18:10 (IST)

new Delhi. The central government led by Narendra Modi has completed 50 days. On this occasion, BJP's Executive President JP Nadda has put a report card on his 50-day achievements. Nadda said at the press conference held at BJP headquarters that till date we had kept our progress report for 100 days, but PM Modi has decided to give information about his government's work within 50 days.

BJP working president JP Nadda presented a report card of Modi 2.0 govt first 50 days

JP Nadda said that the decisions that Modi Government has taken in the last fifty days, are giving good signals for the future. The decisions that have taken place in the last 50 days are far better than the decisions taken in the last 50 years. Which will prove to be a milestone in the development of the country. The Modi government is dedicated to the people of the farmers, the laborers and weaker sections. He said that we have decided to follow the path of development with the goal of making the country a trillion economy.

JP Nadda said that the decision taken from water to moon and village, poor, farmers, laborers, businessmen, small shopkeepers who have been deprived for a long time, joining the main stream, how can we take the country forward. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government has been dedicated to the people. The government has decided to provide clean drinking water to all the houses by 2024. Under the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna, it has been decided to construct 1.25 lakh km roads to improve the connectivity of the villages.

JP Nadda said that the Government of India has retired many IRS officers in the past for corruption. It shows the policy of Zero Tolerance against the corruption of the Modi Government. At the same time, the NIA amendment bill was introduced for investigation agencies to get strength. NIA will now be able to investigate cases of terror against India even abroad. Apart from this, he said that the government will spend Rs 100 lakh crore on infrastructure in the next 5 years, the development of Railway Infrastructure also will be developed.

Referring to several schemes of the government, Nadda said that by 2022, there is a promise of availability of gas, toilets and water to 1 crore 95 lakh households. He also appreciated the decision to give 3,000 rupees pension to the workers after retirement. He said that decision has also been taken to save the poor from schemes like Chitfund. Decision to give a minimum support price of one and a half times to the farmers at the cost of the farmers is very important.

Nadda said that small shopkeepers whose annual turnover is 1.5 crore. They will be linked to the Prime Minister's Monsoon Scheme. This decision will benefit about 30 million small businessmen. The productivity of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha is being encouraged. It is possible due to political will.

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