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Enterprise Well being Insurance coverage


Too many small businesses skimp on health insurance because the process sounds intimidating. We’re telling you it doesn’t have to be. Our agents have a combined 130 years of experience (and countless stories to prove it).

With our mastery of small business health insurance policies, we can walk you safely through the entire process, from your initial inquiry, to the paperwork, to the process of onboarding your employees. We can even check in with you throughout the year to see how your plan is working for you.

When you take the leap to buy small business health insurance, you make a positive impact on your employees’ lives and the reputation of your business. In addition, you secure a dependable, lasting partnership with our agents. Your long-term satisfaction is important to us, and we are fully prepared to stand by your side. To this day, we have clients we’ve been working with for nearly 30 years!

There’s More to Be Earned for Small Businesses with Group Health Insurance

As an employer, the cost of group health insurance may have kept you from taking action. We understand. Cost closes wallets and that bottom line can cause tunnel vision. But we can help you see that health insurance isn’t about cost, it’s about value. Your employees are the most valuable asset you have. Providing them with health insurance is the best way to ensure their loyalty, respect, and happiness.

Don’t let group health insurance plans intimidate you. With some help, it could be the key to employee retention.

Business owners, who provide small group health insurance, are investing in the health of their employees and, as a result, the strength of the business itself.

In addition to more affordable premiums and co-pays, employers can reap major benefits:

Enjoy Tax Credits and Benefits

Employers can receive tax credits for health insurance. The tax deductions could offset the portion of the premiums you cover for employees. That’s a win-win!

Healthy Employees Are Productive Employees

Employees who have the means to take care of themselves are healthier, which means they’re more productive, too. This becomes especially important should you have employees with chronic health issues, who become pregnant, or who have a sudden accident that threatens their financial situation.

Keep Your Employees Around

Employees want to work somewhere they feel valued. Providing them with health insurance shows that you prioritize their health, and in turn, they will prioritize you.

In our 35 years in business – and 45 years for our owner and fearless leader Alan Gerbaud – we’ve seen when small businesses support their employees and provide group medical insurance, the whole community wins. Our staff is committed to helping businesses in our community to find small business medical insurance that benefits everyone.

Find The Cost and Coverage That Works for You

You put a lot of effort into making your business stand out. It’s unique, and you deserve an insurance plan that suits your unique business.

We will work with you to put together the ideal business health insurance plan with benefits that account for the individual needs of your employees.

  • Provide HMO, PPO, and HSA options for your employees under one plan.
  • We analyze all the quality policies available in your area.
  • We offer experienced knowledge in group health, dental, vision, life, long- and/or short-term disability.
  • We provide group health insurance plans for small businesses as well as health insurance for self-employed individuals.
  • We work with up to 20 health insurance carriers, including dental and eye coverage.

Experience Counts

We are proud, highly experienced health insurance brokers for small businesses in Grass Valley, Nevada City, Penn Valley, Auburn, Roseville, Rocklin, Yuba City, Marysville, Santa Rosa, San Jose, Redwood City, and Oakland.

Our complete Employee Benefits Department serves over 100 customers here in California, and we are looking forward to serving you, too.

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Request a Small Business Health Insurance Quote

Request a quote from one of our attentive, thorough and local brokers to find out which small business health insurance policy would be right for you and your employees.

Call 530-272-1234 or Request a Quote.

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