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Calcars.org 100 MPG + Toyota Prius Plug In – jj

Calcars.org 100 MPG + Toyota Prius Plug In

Calcars.org 100 MPG + Toyota Prius Plug In is re-built and test driven in a weekend at the OReilly Maker Fair in Sunnyvale CA Fairgrounds in front of an audience.


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  1. Prius totally overhyped! Weight is biggest issue for power and hence economy. Prius weighs some 1.3 metric tonnes! Compare to roomier Audi A2 1.2 TDI: Even on low sulphur diesel she puts out 81g/km CO2. Seen >103mpg on rush hour 28 mile run. The Prius? 45mpg in the real world and more CO2: 23g/km worse and twice the fuel consumption of A2! Plugins only part answer if power stations clean up. But USA has Coal reserves so it's unlikely to use Nuclear or Greener energies for many years.

  2. Google just bought 6 of these plug in cars- including 2 ford escape hybrids. And google gave a big donation to these guys at calcars for being the people gathering the information among the hackers, and building political support. Check out Google's PHEV announcments, including YouTube videos.

  3. By the time his batteries were dead, he was either already home for the day, or driving on highway doing 55MPH getting better MPG because all the bad MPG you get are usually in the city driving in Idle getting ZERO MPG or on the tak-offs burning fuel like crazy going in those high RPM's without going very fast.

  4. Well, #1 he basically took his car apart and replaced a lot of stuff like the weak batteries and put in more better quality ones with much more voltge, THEN threw away the stock controler and designed one himself… #2. Somtimes he drove around everywhere without using the gas engine, he just used the electric motor over 50mile range, so its easy to get 250MPG when the gas engine is hardly ever running.

  5. Audio is low.. Quality is great, I have a Prius and what I find confusing is 99.9 is the limit. Toyota should make a screen that can handle bigger #'s. Sometimes with the Engine, I can get it to 99.9 mpg then fall off to 98.4. Then you can calcualte better MPG

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