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Incapacity pension for rheumatoid arthritis. – jj

Incapacity pension for rheumatoid arthritis.

In this video we explain the legal possibility that people who are affected by rheumatoid arthritis have to apply for a disability pension either for their usual work or, and depending on each case, for all types of work.

In our law firm we are experts in administrative and judicial claim of disability pensions.

Rheumatoid arthritis, as people who suffer from it perfectly know, causes significant inflammation of the joints, especially the smallest, but also the large ones.

This inflammation is usually accompanied by pain and functional impotence, causing significant difficulties in the movements of people who suffer from it, who tend to suffer very important morning stiffness and after periods of rest somewhat prolonged.

This disease must be diagnosed and treated by a specialist in rheumatology, who will prepare the medical reports necessary for them to go to Social Security in claim of our disability pension.

Once, our lawyers have the medical documents that prove the disease, the next step is to determine what is the work of the affected, in order to relate it to the injuries and limitations that cause the disease and be able to conclude if the same is affected or not of a work incapacity for all work or in its case for the concrete work of the affected one.

If the matter is viable, in that case we will initiate all the necessary procedures, first in administrative proceedings before the Social Security, and then in judicial proceedings before the corresponding Social Court to claim the pension corresponding to the particular case.

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