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'Dr Payal Tadvi was a racist remark' – Press assessment – jj

'Dr Payal Tadvi was a racist remark' – Press assessment


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During investigation of Dalit doctor Payal Tadavi, who committed suicide in Maharashtra, at least three fourth class employees in the police told that during their investigation, caste comments were made on them.

According to a report of The Indian Express, a helper from the Guinness Department said in his statement that in December 2018, Doctor Hema Ahuja, Ankita Khandelwal and Bhakti Mehare had told Tadvi, "Who will do this job, it is not your job. Whose work is it? Will you equalize us of being small?

In another statement, an eyewitness said that the accused doctors had said to Payal, "Ai tribal, why have you come here? You are not worthy of delivery, you make us equal …"

Payal Tadvi committed suicide on May 22 by hanging himself in the Tien Topiwala National Medical College's hostel room. Police have arrested three female doctors in this case for suicides and for discrimination of caste discrimination.

Police comments on the girl to complain of flirting

According to a report of the Hindustan Times, the police tortured a young woman who brought a complaint in a police station in Uttar Pradesh.

Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi has questioned the police attitude while sharing the video of the incident on Twitter. Rather than listen to the woman's complaint to complain of sedition, the police constable made an unlimited comment on her clothes.

Priyanka has tweeted a video saying, "This kind of behavior is being done in the police station with a girl who has been writing a seductive report. On one hand, crime against women is not reduced in Uttar Pradesh, on the other hand, Behavior. The first stairway to get justice for women is to listen to them. "

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Karnataka's operation of one thousand crores: Congress

Karnataka Congress President Dinesh Gundu Rao has said in an interview with the Indian Express that a thousand crores of rupees have been spent on the campaign to demolish Congress and JDS coalition government in Karnataka.

On the question of the alliance with JDS, he said that the party has not taken any decision on this. Both parties will maintain coordination in the assembly He has also said that the rebel legislators will no longer be included in the party.

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Debt against debtor father, daughter troubled by credit card debt

According to a report from The Hindustan Times, a father jumped from a three-storey house with his daughter in Delhi. The wife also jumped after seeing her husband jumping.

Husband has died while daughter and mother are undergoing treatment in the hospital. It has been found in the police investigation that the teenager, who committed suicide, was troubled by repeated calls to the credit card companies to pay the bills.

The young man, who was killed, used to work in a private company and got a loan of around eight lakhs of credit card.

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