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Worker injured after crash into retailer – jj

Worker injured after crash into retailer


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ST JOSEPH, Mo.– A Missouri store employee was injured when a pick-up truck crashed into a Dollar Tree Wednesday, July 24.

It happened at around 2 p.m. while the driver of that vehicle was inside shopping. She had left her nine and five-year-old children unattended in the truck while it was running.

Police say the accident happened when one of the kids got out of the back seat.

Patrick Zeamer St. Joseph police said, “Left two children unattended and one of the children got in the front seat and knocked it into gear. The children have some scrapes and stuff on them. There will be an investigation to determine why the children were left unattended.”

The employee was taken the hospital with mild to moderate injuries.

Co-workers are cleaning up the mess but they don’t know how long it will be before the store can re-open.

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