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Evergreen tablets, generally used to promote detergent powder as a result of poverty: Gulshan Grover – jj

Evergreen tablets, generally used to promote detergent powder as a result of poverty: Gulshan Grover


Due to poverty, never once did the bulk of phenyl powder ever sell detergent powder - Gulshan GroverImage copywrite
Gulshan Grover

Gulshan Grover, also known as 'Badman' in Hindi films, has also been in the category of his other collaborators.

Like his friend Naseeruddin Shah, Shatrughan Sinha and Rishi Kapoor, his life is also going to be an open book.

Book titled 'Gulshan Grover', which opens the pages of life, is titled 'Badman', very soon you will be present in front of everyone.

In this biography written by journalist Roshmila Bhattacharya, along with many story-stories related to the life of Gulshan Grover, he will also mention his poorness when he did not have the fortune to eat two times.

Image copywrite
Gulshan Grover

Poverty Never panicked

In a special interview with BBC, actor Gulshan Grover said about his life, "I see many fluctuations in my life." My childhood passed through bad times, I still remember that my school was of noon. But in the morning The school used to leave the house after keeping the uniform of the school. "

Grover says, "Every morning I used to sell pottery and laundry detergent powder away from my house in large quantities, sometimes even detergent powder, and then ever-fenile tablets, ever wiped out. The expenses of the school could be taken out, those who lived in those cells used to buy goods from me, because they all wanted me to be able to pursue further studies. I never panicked at my poverty. Not. The biggest reason for my father. Who always taught her to walk on the way of us honesty and hard work. "

Image copywrite
Gulshan Grover

Struggles during many Hungry day Had to stay

Gulshan says, "I have mentioned many things in my book. The worst pain I had in mentioning the memories associated with my parents was in those days. We had no money to eat in those days. There was no shame in telling me that this was our case till college and when I came to Bombay for acting, I was hungry many times even though, every day, I used to think that I would say that day , Continued to go say, but do not try to win the lost. Courage. The result is in front of everyone. "

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Gulshan Grover

Rocky The movie First break from

It is said that born in a Punjabi family of Delhi, Gulshan had acted in the 1980 film 'Hum Panchayat', but it is not so.

Gulshan says, "My first movie was 'Hum Panchayat' which was not rocky, I started shooting earlier. I was very fond of acting, so continued to do theater and for the characters of the villains I love Nath, Pran, Amrish Puri, Amjad Khan, I learned a lot from seeing all the people, seeing all those people, I made my own identity, so I tried to make different work and different styles. Seeing this, I became a tremendous villain. People have forgotten the villains, because of the love and blessings of people, I am getting a chance again. I am playing villain in big films such as Suryavanshi, Road 2. "

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Gulshan Grover

Associates are following my path

Gulshan Grover believes that he is the first Indian actor to have tried his hand in Hollywood movies long ago.

His first Hollywood film, 'The Second Jungle Book: Mowgli and Ballu' was released in the year 1997.

This trip to work in foreign films is still up to date. He has also worked in different languages ​​of India including German, Australian, Polish, Canadian, Iranian, Malaysian, UK and Nepali films.

Gulshan says, "It was not easy to work in his foreign films. I made a mud road between Bollywood and Hollywood and today I am happy and it is important that my associates Priyanka Chopra, Anupam Kher and Irfan Khan Follow the clay path and make it stronger. "

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Image copywrite
Gulshan Grover

It was a pity that those people did not know Indian cinema

Going forward, Gulshan said, "Working in foreign films was very difficult for me, because when I started working in foreign films then there was no internet. Our films were not seen. Artists and producers did not know that Gulshan Grover was an actor, there was no surprise, but those people do not know Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan too. Areas were and were not even aware of the great film maker. "

He says, "He knew the same films that were shown in a film festival. Sometimes, he saw Satyajit Ray's films in a film festival, and he was able to see a lot of films. I did not know, so it was very difficult for me to say that I am an actor. I gave many auditions and whenever I was selected, I used to say that I started shooting for the film I will come before it, and I will go back to the end of the shoot. "

"After hearing this, they used to say that you can not do it, you can be invited anytime, so I would tell them that I am filming one or two here, but in India I have 20 films together I have to shoot and directors and producers have money. I can not threaten them if you are ready, then give me work. "

Gulshan Grover's book 'Badman' was launched by senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader LK Advani in Delhi. Meanwhile, close friends of Gulshan Grover, actor Jackie Shroff and Sunil Shetty were also present.

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