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Exposing BOSASA … what’s REALLY occurring – jj

Exposing BOSASA … what’s REALLY occurring

Bosasa and ANC corruption exposed: https://webbrain.com/brainpage/brain/51E04AE1-39B4-EE20-74C5-8DD53E403C1A#-1
After a change of management the company changed its name to Meritum Hostels (Pty) Ltd in 1985 changing its name again to Dyambu Operations (Pty) Ltd in 1996 after signing an agreement with the ANC Women’s League controlled Dyambu Trust. Gavin Watson was then made company CEO. The company was re-named Bosasa in 2000.



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  1. If trump is reelected, the straight whites and Christians have 4 more yrs to wake up… if not it will be a bloodbath and they don't even see it.
    I wish I could be a rich person, I would fund those that need help. I can pray, and I am.
    I will continue to share your videos.

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