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French President will reply McRaron's 'silly': Trump – jj

French President will reply McRaron's 'silly': Trump


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US President Donald Trump has alleged that President Francois Emmanuel Macroon is targeting American companies while doing "stupid".

He has criticized France's new digital tax and indicated signs of imposing import duty on French wine.

Trump first expressed displeasure on Twitter on Friday and then reiterated his point while talking to the media.

In fact, France is preparing to levy tax on multinationals like Google. France says that companies from other countries do not give corporate taxes either or they do little here.

The Trump Administration has said that the tax imposed by France is unjustly harming American tech companies.

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What written Trump?

Trump wrote on Twitter, "France has imposed a digital tax on American technology companies, if anyone wants to tax these companies, their country will be born."

"We will soon announce a solid response to macro's stupidity. I have always been saying that the American wine is better than French wine."

Talking to journalists at the Oval Office, Trump said that he is considering charging French wine import duty.

They said, "I can do this, France imposed a tax on our companies, you know that this is a very wrong thing, they should not have done it."

"Even if I do not drink wine, but the American wine always likes me more than French wine, they look good, they have not done the right thing by putting tax on our companies, we will not tax them from our companies."

America is the largest country consuming and importing wine. The countries from which they import wine are also included in France.

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What does france say

France's finance minister Bruno Limaye said on Friday that France will implement the digital taxation plan.

He said, "Taxing on digital activities is challenging and it affects us all."

The French government says that the headquarters of multinationals like Apple are outside their country and they do not either tax on their cell phones in France or pay very little tax.

Digital Sales Tax was approved on Thursday in the French Senate. This was passed a week earlier by the Lower House-the National Assembly.

Earlier on Friday, American President Donald Trump had warned the American Tech giant Apple that he would not get any relief in the charges imposed on the import of parts made in China.

He wrote, "Make these parts in America, no import will take place."

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