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Himalayan Conclave in Mussoorie on July 28 | Himalayan Conclave to be held in Mussoorie on 28th July, Himalayan state might be on a stage after 10 years – jj

Himalayan Conclave in Mussoorie on July 28 | Himalayan Conclave to be held in Mussoorie on 28th July, Himalayan state might be on a stage after 10 years


Dehradun: Chief Minister of Himalayan states demand 15 percent of their annual budget from the center in lieu of environmental protection. The conference of Himalayan states is going to be held from July 28 in Mussoorie. In it the chief ministers of Himalayan states will be gathered. Many officials of the Center, including the chairman of the 15th Finance Commission, Deputy Commission of Policy Commission, will be present to hear the problems of the Himalayan states.

Discussion on many issues
After 10 years, the Himalayan kingdom is once again coming together on a stage. This time this conference is being organized in Mussoorie to help with its shared problems and the Center. There are mainly some points to be discussed in this conference, from which all the Himalayan states are battling. Himalayan states have a big responsibility to protect the environment. Therefore, many major projects are not approved here due to environmental reasons. Industries can not be developed due to high costs in the mountain. In such a situation, all states seek help from the Center for its replacement.


Hope of cooperation from the Center
The Center is also aware of the anxiety of these sensitive states. Therefore, when the 15th Finance Commission discussed the states, posing a positive attitude towards the issue, the Minister said that grant of subsidy of 7.5 percent of the annual budget of the states. But the Himalayan state is going to demand more than the center at the conference. Himalayan states are demanding green bonuses of 15 percent of the state's annual budget for environmental protection.


Eco services should meet more budget
Dr. Rajendra Doval, who is the counselor of the Uttarakhand chapter of Integrated Mountain Initiative (IMI) and the head of the event, says that all the Himalayan states, including Uttarakhand, are affected by disasters. The Himalayan region also provides environmental protection. Therefore, the 15th Finance Commission should not get only 7.5 per cent of the budget for Eco Services but rather more. Dr Doval further states that there are rains, land slides and change-ups in all Himalayan states, including Uttarakhand. In such a situation, when the meadows plan to do new work, the Himalayan states are trying to rectify the old roads and reconnect the infrastructure.

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So is the escape
Land slide, cloudburst and earthquake hazard in the Himalayan regions are much more often than inland areas. Apart from this, many states, including Uttarakhand, are also troubled by problems such as exodus. In the state of Uttarakhand, 88 percent of the land is mountainous, whereas population in the plains has such a population. Due to facilities and natural calamities, migrations from the hills are increasing. Another argument for the Himalayan states is that new jobs can not begin with clouds bursts, land slides and other reasons in the mountains. However, development takes place due to the start of new work every year in the plains. For this reason the mountains are backing in the development race.


Need more help from Center for development
In the mountain, it takes more time than the plains to cover the shortest distance. Also, the cost of building anybody increases manifold compared to the meadows. In this way the mountains need more help from the center for development. The boundaries of the Himalayan states also seem to be from Pakistan, China and Nepal. In this case, these areas become more sensitive. It is now the view that the Center listens to the Himalayan states and how many demands they have.

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