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Imran Khan's America Tour Is a Shock for India – jj

Imran Khan's America Tour Is a Shock for India


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During World Cup 2019 in England, many people were wondering if Imran Khan had won the World Cup in 1992, perhaps in 2019 it would be a miracle.

But this time Pakistan Cricket could not even reach the World Cup semi-finals. Perhaps that is why Imran Khan's American tour is being seen as a success like winning the cup.

The success of Imran Khan's tour of Pakistan in Pakistan is being felt almost like the way he won by winning the World Cup in 1992.

However, as in 1992, there are no procession in every city, but in today's political and economic pressures, the 'Qamayabi' of their American tour is being understood as a major relief.

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A US think tank has also called the tour of Imran Khan a happy exchange.

For example, the American magazine Foreign Policy has appreciated this tour. Many of the world's newspapers and television channels, who keep an eye on southern Asia, have given this tour a big success for Imran Khan.

On the American tour, 'Imran Khan The Cricketer' used not only his cricket celebrity status but also took advantage of his Oxford University training.

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It is clear that Imran Khan and his supporter Army Establishment did a good homework before meeting President Trump.

His Jalsa in Capital Arena Forest is a big success for any Pakistani leader. Recently, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has started the tradition of addressing his countrymen in the United States or in any other country.

But the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, did the first successful work, and the next day he meets President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump in the White House, he creates such a scene as a popular student leader, his vice-chancellor The students have come up with a list of issues.

If these student leaders agree to the issues of their students or if they succeed in showing the impression that the issues have been considered, there is no limit to the happiness of its supporters. Imran Khan has got something similar.

But in the White House, he went to play a match and neither did he go unpredictable drama of success. The country had been chilling for many years since the United States of America, due to which the United States has stopped military aid to Pakistan and their country is surrounded by the worst economic conditions.

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Their success in America is being said to be the beginning of a new chapter in Pakistan and USA relations.

And these changes have not started since their arrival in the USA. Helpful situations were being prepared for quite some time. Pakistan has played an important role in preparing Afghanistan's Taliban for talks with the United States.

And, of course, before the visit of Imran Khan to America, Bloch's warning of his warm welcome was declared by the Liberation Army as a terrorist organization.

Pakistan has also arrested Hafeez Saeed of Jamaat-ud-Dawa, whether it is right to show. And the talk on 'Promos' has already been going on, which was seen few days ago by Imran Khan's visit.

But what made a spark in South Asia was that President Trump had a statement of mediation between Pakistan and India on the Kashmir issue. Pakistan has been waiting for this type of statement for many years while India has been telling Kashmir a bilateral issue.

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But this time, the American President did not only show it to the public but also told that the Prime Minister of India has also said to do the role of the arbitrator.

Although the Indian government has denied it, but Modi has kept the silence so far.

The meaningful cooperation between Pakistan and the United States in Afghanistan, the difference between the two countries, in the definition of terrorism, is to stir the ears of Pakistan about Kashmir (if only right for some time), sweet talk of economic cooperation, New indications for the two-way relationship between the two countries on trade relations between Pakistan and USA and on the diplomatic surface. These are all important things of this tour.

But both know that both of them have been cured by saying something about basic and strategic matters. Pakistan has not talked about joining the nuclear group or the US has made any gesture.

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Apart from this, there is no open talk between China and China in Pakistan, but rather about its growing strategic interests.

There can be no matter what happens and if nothing happens then nothing can be said about the outcome of the outcome. Gwadar does not appear ready to accept China's acceptance of the United States on the port.

What will be the form of relationship between Pakistan and the United States, it will be seen in the scenario of strategic relations that will transform deeper economic and mapping with Pakistan much more than a warm meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan's President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump. .

The real challenge of Pakistan is that it does not allow China to interfere with its high-level relations with the Himalayas in the way of the United States. In this way, the relations with the United States did not make the interest of the region in China. How many places will America give Pakistan, then it will be known after a few days.

In view of the history of Pakistan's relations with Pakistan, the real power has remained in the hands of the United States. From the 1950s to the first decade of the twenty-first century, America has been deciding the nature and terms of relations with Pakistan according to its needs. The United States decides what work to do Pakistan and at what price

But now after the emergence of China's new and more vigorous character in Pakistan, Pakistan will try to negotiate a better deal with the US in the region. However, Pakistan has not achieved any significant achievement so far.

26 years ago when Imran Khan defeated England by reaching the World Cup by winning the World Cup from Melbourne city, then the city he went to was greatly welcomed.

Even today, when he returned to Pakistan after 'Success' in Capitol Arena One and White House, he would have to tell his success through statistics rather than talking in diplomatic terms and in strategic terms.

They have to tell them what will affect Pakistan's relationship with China while restoring relations with the US. To what extent Pakistan is ready to help the United States in Afghanistan. Does America want any help from Iran and Pakistan in the Middle East, which is not better for Pakistan's own security.

In these circumstances, if Prime Minister Imran Khan's attempt to see America's tour, then economically, a weak Pakistan situation may take a long time to improve. India's importance will remain in its place due to China for the United States.

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The United States has openly included Pakistan in peace efforts in Afghanistan. But both of them have a feeling that they are no longer living in the era of Cold War.

So, perhaps, with the very best relationship between Pakistan and USA, Imran Khan's dream of becoming a Job of the era of today can not be fulfilled.

How better the relations of Pakistan to America will be measured from this point to the extent to which the Pakistani army serves the US and at what level of service. The celebration of the success of Imran Khan may be more relevant to the people of Pakistan and it is important where the opposition is constantly surrounded by them.

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