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Is it protected to eat natural tea throughout being pregnant? – jj

Is it protected to eat natural tea throughout being pregnant?

Nelson Burgos, gynecologist and obstetrician tells us that: “It has not been proven that herbal tea has any effect on pregnancy, although it has always been recommended to take them in not very high doses, because it contains caffeine, which is not good for pregnancy "

Most herbal tea can be ingested during this period, including those that contain fruits, although it is best to use those that do not contain a high caffeine content.

Many pregnant women have long been addicted to coffee consumption, trying to substitute caffeine for a tea could be the healthiest way to keep gestation stable.

The chemical compounds that contain this type of infusions, are the same that possess the remedies offered by naturist houses, so you can consume it safely but avoiding excesses.

It should be noted that the proper use of tea brings different benefits during pregnancy. The variety and properties that each of them contain are different, so we must know which one provides us with greater well-being. In many cases, it is advisable to drink rooibos tea, which contain antioxidants that help stimulate women's low defenses, as well as green tea that also provides antioxidants that protect from damage, helping the child's growth.

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