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Is it fit for human consumption spicy meals throughout being pregnant? – jj

Is it fit for human consumption spicy meals throughout being pregnant?

Eating spicy during pregnancy does not cause harm to the fetus directly, however it deprives you of having a healthy pregnancy because it affects many parts of the body, causing intestinal problems; Dr. Jorge Sandoval names some of them, such as: flatulence, acidity, abdominal cramps, stubbornness or sweating.

The spicy can cause some type of conflict in the intestine because it is hyper sensitive in the gestation period, suggesting to avoid its consumption.

Generally all pregnant women will receive from their treating doctor the foods that will bring benefits to their health, as well as they will attach a list of suggestions on those consumptions that should be restricted and controlled during pregnancy, the chili pepper as well as the caffeine is one of the main products that suggest eliminating or controlling for its side effects.

Specialists say that many patients have come to their offices manifesting discomfort in the stomach after eating a certain amount of spicy, since then doctors have chosen to remove this type of seasoning from diets.

On the other hand, there are countries where spicy is part of their cultures and doctors do not limit consumption in these cases, in fact women do not manifest secondary symptoms during pregnancy, doctors say it can be due to the body's adaptation to these components.

The spicy does not cross the placenta harming the baby.

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