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Kargil conflict: Tashi Namgyal first gave details about infiltration – jj

Kargil conflict: Tashi Namgyal first gave details about infiltration


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"If he was not my new nephew then maybe I would not even look for him, and maybe I could not even see Pakistani infiltrators."

These words are the 55 years old Tashi Namgyal who saw the first Pakistani soldiers hidden in Kargil hills for the first time.

This is the year 1999 when Tashi Namgyal was looking for his new yak in the Baltic sector of Kargil. They were climbing up the hills and watching where their yak was lost.

In the meantime, trying to make him try his yak. But along with this yak, what he saw was considered the first incident of the Kargil war.

He saw some suspicious people and immediately informed the Indian Army about this.

He explains, "I was a poor shepherd, in that time I bought that yak for Rs.12000. In such a situation when I lost my yak in the mountains, I got upset, Yaku normally comes back by the evening. It was a new yak because of which I had to go in search of him. On that day I got Yak, but on that day I also got the chance to see Pakistani soldiers. "

At a distance of sixty kilometers from Kargil, on the banks of the Indus river, Tashi lives in the village of Gaikon.

Tashi also took me to the place where he saw the intruders.

Tashi, who believed in Buddhism, with great pride, showed me my own farm on the way where they grow apricot.

On the way when we reached the right place, he shouted, "He was here, and this is the place where I climbed to see him."

Tashi explains, "My yak was lost at this place and when I got up to look at yak, I saw some suspicious people. I first thought in my mind that maybe these people were hunters. Gave information about. "

After receiving this information, a war was fought between India and Pakistan in Kargil, in which about 600 Indian soldiers died.

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Tashi and other people of this village proudly say that he has played his part in the victory that India has achieved in this war at its own level.

Hours wearing a special cap showing the symbols of your community, they show their respected icons after this war.

Most of these awards were given to him for his reflexes and bravery.

But after twenty years of Kargil war, his honor marks were filled with marks.

He says, "I have four children, but besides helping me in the education of one of my daughters, I have not received any financial help nor got any respect from anyone. Many promises were made, but none of them was completed. . "

Tashi says that he has great expectations from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but someone needs to deliver his message to them.

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Other people of this village, including Tashi, also get annoyed with the lack of development.

Tashi Pantoch, who lives in this village, says, "We took care of the food and drink of our soldiers without worrying about our food, but nobody did anything for us."

Talking to the needs of her village, Tashi says, "We do not even have the facility of communication here. We believe that we deserve respect and special treatment because we saved many lives and saved the honor of the Indian Army. is."

When we talked about this village with Basir-ul-Haq Chaudhary, Deputy Commissioner of Kargil, he said that he can not comment on the help he received from the army.

However, he said that the government is planning to honor other villagers including Tashi on August 15.

Simultaneously, the Government is also considering the arrangement for enhancing tourism in this area.

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