Kolkata Metro Passenger Dies As Practice Takes Off With Hand Caught In Door | Passenger's hand climbed within the door whereas climbing within the practice, dies on observe


  • The incident took place on Saturday evening at the Park Street Metro station in the capital.
  • Mayor said: If the negligence occurs in the incident, then the guilty will not be spared
  • The metro started in Kolkata in 1995, the country's first underground train

Dainik Bhaskar

Jul 13, 2019, 09:55 PM IST

Kolkata. A passenger died due to negligence in metro train in West Bengal's Kolkata. The incident occurred on Saturday evening at the Park Street Metro station in the capital. A 40-year-old man was trying to board the train, only when his hand was trapped in the gate. If the train went ahead then dropped on the track down the platform from the slipping and died.

All the gates of the Kolkata Metro are automatic and equipped with sensors. It is being told that there was an accident due to not having proper maintenance. According to officials, the young man killed is Sujal Kumar Kanjilal. After the incident, the police took him immediately to the hospital, but could not be rescued.

City Mayor Firhad Hakim visited the spot. He said that the Metro Authority has entrusted the investigation to the general manager of the Kolkata Metro. The careless officers will not be spared

Started in 1995, Kolkata Metro

The network of Metro in Kolkata spreads over 27 km between Noapara and Poet Subhash. It has 24 stations. This metro line connects the north and south of the city. Construction work on five other lines of Metro is underway. The metro started in Kolkata in February 1995 and is the country's first underground train.

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