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Lenasia South unlawful land grabs – a brand new perspective. – jj

Lenasia South unlawful land grabs – a brand new perspective.

The African population express their outrage at illegal squatters who occupy private land and then demand free water and electricity at Lenasia.


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  1. Who owns & controls the world media? This is what you have to ask yourself! The Zionists behind the central banks, the UN, the IMF, Agenda 21, Mass migration into the EU, communism, socialism – the same people with the same old plan – all todays problems in SA stem from the Boer war – the migrations of Africans into the former republics, parceling land, the gold mines, the confiscated banks etc etc

  2. What is that woman's status.. her ranting is nearly unintelligible except for the repeated statement that 'we don't pay rent and taxes' and 'we are the residents of south ..' and that they don't have weapons in their hands.. a little map or demographics to see who the players are would make this make sense… your format is highly credible but hope the background data isn't too much work to delay the needed revelations… ttyl

  3. This is a small light on the subject but there are too few and it’s too late the cats out of the bag. You are running out of time to salvage what’s left of your country and all residents of RSA need to band together and make the lines of battle transparent. There is a point where things are too far gone to save we were very close to that, you don’t have far to go your military is already in the streets in one city . I would expect more military deployment to large populations due to the lack of policing that is available or willing. You are not alone we are watching !

  4. There reason south Africa hasn't been successful: corrupt government. Reverse racism does not erase racism. It just creates more racism. Instead of the rainbow nation, a turning point, a positive change in history, Nelson Mandela's ANC will be remembered as one of the most corrupt systems of gov ever.

  5. the fight has never been black vs white….. its always been the elitist vs the common man, also dont confuse this with rich vs poor either coz many rich people dont seek power over others and there are many poor people who do seek power over others, its a Fight of values.

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