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Navy Chief expressed concern over China's rising energy – 5 Huge Information – jj

Navy Chief expressed concern over China's rising energy – 5 Huge Information


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Indian Naval Chief Admiral Karambir Singh

Indian Naval Chief Admiral Karmbir Singh has said that despite all the hurdles India needs to answer the growing expansion of the Chinese Army.

The Naval Chief expressed concern over the growing influence of China in the Indian Ocean.

He said these things in response to a question on Chinese white paper in a seminar organized in Fici in New Delhi on Thursday.

China on Wednesday issued a white paper titled "National Security of China in New Age". In this, China has fiercely criticized strategic moves in the Asia-Pacific region of America. At the same time, India, USA, Russia and other countries have talked about various aspects of military development.

The Naval Chief said, "It is not just about the Chinese white paper but it has been said earlier. Many resources have been planted on the People's Liberation Army (PLA) navy, behind which the intentions of becoming their global power are clearly visible. We need to keep an eye on this carefully, how can we respond with our budgets and constraints. "

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Hd coomaraswamy

Three legislators Inept Agreement

The Speaker of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly has given disqualification to three rebel legislators. This includes Ramesh Jarakiholi of Congress, Mahesh Kumathalli and Independent MLA R Shankar.

It means that these three legislators can not be elected for the current assembly. These MLAs have been disqualified for the 15th Assembly.

Talking to the media late in the evening, the speaker said that even after the resignation or ineligibility of the remaining MLAs, they will decide soon.

Two days earlier, the Congress JDS coalition government in Karnataka had failed to prove the confidence vote and the coalition government fell in the state.

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  • After Karnataka, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh also in preparation of Operation Lotus?

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One day after the transfer, the Finance Secretary asked the Manga VRS

The central government has made significant changes in the bureaucracy in the past. Under this, Ajay Bhalla has been made the new Home Secretary. Apart from this, many more of them have been changed.

In this order, Finance Secretary Subhash Chandra Garg has applied for VRS just a day after changing his existing ministry.

Garg was still in the finance ministry and now he has been transferred as Power Secretary. But only after one day of this reversal, they applied for VRS on Thursday.

Garg was the senior most diplomat in the finance department. Garg's VRS is also being discussed because he would retire in October 2020 if he did not take VRS.

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CJ on Case ListingcomeHeartburn

Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi has expressed anguish over the line of attorneys' trial in the courts.

They have tried many attempts to prevent lawyers from standing in line for listing of that case, but they have no benefit.

He said, "Every day, I see that there is a crowd of lawyers in the lines. Basically there's something wrong here. Despite many efforts, I have not been able to make system changes. "

He said that 600 new cases are filed every day in Punjab and Haryana courts and they are listed for hearing on that day. There are 1,000 new cases in the Supreme and they are not even listed for a week.

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America ready to negotiate with Iran

US Secretary of State Mike Pompei has said that despite growing tensions between the United States and Iran, he is willing to go to Iran and talk directly to the people there.

In a TV interview, Pompeo has said that he will gladly go there, not to propaganda but to tell the truth to the people of Iran, how their leaders have inflicted on the country.

Earlier, President Trump has already said that he is ready to negotiate with Iran. While commenting about North Korea, Pompeo said that the US is ready to negotiate despite the North Korean missile launch.

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