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Okinawa Scooters Chhindwara https://g.co/kgs/5bffBE – jj

Okinawa Scooters Chhindwara https://g.co/kgs/5bffBE

The USP of our product is

· High speed.

· Long Range in single charge.

· Less Maintenance work and cost than that of Petrol.

· Charging time is very small ( ~ 2 hrs. option available).

· Insurance facility is available.

· Finance facility is available to customer.

· No Noise Pollution.

· No Air Pollution. Customer care no. 9406861266



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  1. क्या दिसंबर तक ओकिनावा प्रेस या दूसरे भी स्कूटर बाइक आने वाली है

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