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Randy Pausch Final Lecture: Reaching Your Childhood Goals – jj

Randy Pausch Final Lecture: Reaching Your Childhood Goals

Carnegie Mellon Professor Randy Pausch (Oct. 23, 1960 – July 25, 2008) gave his last lecture at the university Sept. 18, 2007, before a packed McConomy …



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  1. A man with great courage and dignity. So much soul it resonates outwards and fills the void. A true giver. Someone in whom the appreciation for life is a gift he gives to us by his humble understanding that life is about love, joy and respect for others and being true to yourself. His message of patience and trust is not lost in the subtext of his beautiful lecture either! R.I.P. Randy. ?❤️

  2. Randy Pausch golden words

    1. Its all about fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals
    2. When you screw up and nobody is there to tell anything, that's a bad state to be in
    3. Experience is what you get, when you didn't get what you wanted
    4. Wait long enough and people will surprise you and impress you
    5. When people give feedback, cherish it and use it
    6. You wait long time, sometimes its years, people will show you their good side, just keep waiting, no matter how long it takes.
    7. Luck is truly when preparation meets opportunity
    8. Headfake 1 – It's not about how you achieve your dreams its about how you lead your life
    Headfake2 – The talk's not for you IT'S FOR MY KIDS
    Headfake 2 – this talk

  3. Without God, his words ring hollow. The deathbed conversion joke sours the rest of what is a wonderful lecture.

    I can not understand why people feel the need to make fun of God. Is it very smart to alienate billions of people with faith? Does it make you all feel better about your lives or maybe your iniquities?

    You all have a right to your beliefs but it pains me to see the joy and applauding whenever someone expresses their disbelief in our creator.

    Yes, you all are very smart people. You all have your tiny pieces of paper you frame and cherish so much. Bravo! Bravo!

    One thing to think about though. Of all the smartest people in the world, all the Ph.D.'s and Scientists, ZERO, can prove GOD doesn't exist or how we came to be. The best you all have after millennia is we came from a fish. LOL, a fish.

    We may have what you call our "Magic man in the sky" but given the choice and ramifications of falsity, choosing between GOD or a fish the choice is simple. I choose GOD. If this makes you upset please take a minute. Consult your stack of accolades and ask yourself one question…What if you are wrong?

    GOD bless you all

  4. This is a video, I always come back to watch again and again. First time when I watched it was 2008 when I just started my PhD. I watched it again when I take a year out for my first baby, again when I came back to study, again when I was stuck in my final year, again when my daughter was said I am not a Dr that help people…….11 years passed, I have left my research life behind start a new journey in business, I keep coming back to this video because it gives me the strength to face all the wall that I am facing……Thanks, Randy.

  5. I love this book… Saddening and inspiring; touching and motivating

    The Last Lecture (2008) by Randy Pausch

    “I have an engineering problem,” writes Randy, a former professor of Computer Science, Human-Computer Interaction and Design at Carnegie Mellon University, “While for the most part, I’m in terrific physical shape, I have ten tumors in my liver and I have only a few months left to live.” How heartbreak, right? He continues, “I am a father of three young children, and married to the woman of my dreams. While I could easily feel sorry for myself, that wouldn’t do them, or me, any good. So, how to spend my very limited time?” 🙁

    To READ my REVIEW of this book, CLICK HERE: https://www.richardangelus.me/2019/03/the-last-lecture-2008-by-randy-pausch.html

  6. I am a Registered Nurse and sometimes see patients that I feel may be inspired by this video and I refer it to them. My feedback from them is so comforting and they feel it helps them with their difficulty coping with a serious diagnosis. I, myself reflect on this as a caregiver and share some of Randy's legacy of positivity in a difficult place in life. I have read the book twice and it has helped me help patients in my nursing career. The sadness of his passing still remains- but I cherish what he taught me and that I am able to pass it on to others that help them in some way. He made a difference
    in the world and I hope his family is doing well and remains proud of all he gave so many..

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