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Rapper rocky arrested in Sweden-USA – jj

Rapper rocky arrested in Sweden-USA


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ASAP Rocky

US President Donald Trump has asked Sweden to release US rapper ASAP Rocky as soon as possible.

The US President has also made several tweets after one by demanding the release of Rocky.

Raper ASAP Rocky's real name is Rakim Myers. They have been detained in Stockholm for allegedly assaulting some people. They will have to stay in custody till the trial begins.

US President Donald Trump has tweeted that Sweden has degrade the African-American community by doing so.

ASAP Rocky was detained on July 3. They were found fighting. Its video is also present.

At the time the fight took place, Rocky was not alone. He had two other people together too. Although rapper Rocky says that some men were following their group and what they did in self defense.

Donald Trump says that he spoke to Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Laufen last week in the case of ASAP Rocky last week.

However, in a tweet on Thursday, Trump wrote that he is extremely desperate. He wrote that he hopes that Sweden will maintain an honest attitude towards the United States on this whole issue.

Swedish Prime Minister's spokesman said in response to this tweet, "Sweden's judicial system, advocate and court are independent and the government has no right to interfere in any legal action. It is also a matter of knowing that everyone is equal to the law. "

In this case, Swedish prosecutor Daniel Hansen says that he has neither spoken to a representative of the White House nor anyone from the Government of Sweden during the investigation of this matter.

They also feared that if these three accused were released then they would leave the country.

On Wednesday, the rapper's mother has apologized for her son being released.

Renee Black told Sweden's News Paper Expression that ASAPs are not eating rightly.

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The other many stars like Kim Kardasian West and Kenya West have also demanded the release of Rocky. Apart from this, an online signature campaign has also been launched on which more than five lakh people have signed for the demand for the release of rapper Rocky. Artists such as Nicky Menaz and Post Malone are also included.

In this case, the trial will start from July 30.

How to get custody of Rocky became such a big issue

A video online was viral in which rapper Rocky was seen hiting a man with a punch.

Later, many more videos were posted on Rocky's Instagram, in which Rocky and two people with him are constantly asking some people not to pursue them.

Posting his first video, Rocky wrote "We do not know these people, we did not want to be in trouble, they were coming after us after a long time."

Sharing the second video, he wrote that a chasing person injured his bodyguard.

The 30-year-old Rocky was there to give a performance under Stockholm Smash Festival.

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