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Samsung's Galaxy Observe 10 Unintentionally Leaked With Gorgeous Deal – jj

Samsung's Galaxy Observe 10 Unintentionally Leaked With Gorgeous Deal


We know a lot about Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 10. The expanded line-up, all-new design, next-gen tech, frustrating short-cuts and the surprising omissions. But now a high profile accident has made the phones’ official. 

Verizon’s leaked Galaxy Note 10 Pre-order deal

Evan Blass / Verizon

Verizon is the guilty party and high-profile leaker Evan Blass has published its pre-order ad. The ad not only shows-off the design of the flagship Note 10+, it confirms its new 5G connectivity as well as the smaller Note 10. But perhaps the most exciting revelation, is the ad reveals there will be outstanding deals available at launch. 

More than offsetting Samsung’s eye-watering price hike, Verizon’s ad lets us know it will give Galaxy Note 10+ buyers a free Galaxy Note 10 if they sign up to an Unlimited data plan. Yes, that’s a smartphone worth over $800 thrown in as a freebie. And you can bet rival carriers will step up with similarly tempting offers. 

Why so soon? Because, despite a great design (the Note 10 is similarly eye-catching), when you look closer these smartphones are not the slam dunk Note fans might expect. This year Samsung is stripping out core features long identified with the Note range and even their remarkable new charging speeds are an expensive optional extra.  

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 looks stunning, but there are questions internally

Evan Blass

Furthermore, with information already leaking about Samsung’s next-generation Galaxy S11, which has seen it described as “a new beginning”, the Note 10 range may need to sell as many units as fast as possible before the S11 arrives early next year. 

For Note enthusiasts who couldn’t imagine giving up the S Pen (no matter the consequences), they will feel all their Christmases have come at once. But for more regular users who would prefer their new smartphone stays on the cutting edge for as long as possible, there is now some serious thinking to do. 


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