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The person who first noticed Pakistan's intruder in Kargil | 20 years of valor: the person who first noticed Kargil in Pakistan's intruder – jj

The person who first noticed Pakistan's intruder in Kargil | 20 years of valor: the person who first noticed Kargil in Pakistan's intruder


new Delhi: The story of the Kargil war is incomplete without a man who first saw Pakistani Army in the Kargil hills on the trail of terrorists. The name of the Pakistani army seen on the hills of Kargil is named as Tashi Namgyal. Tashi, a resident of Garkon village in Kargil, is a cowboy. Tashi had bought a york for Rs. 12 thousand a few days ago. On May 2, 1999, this was lost in the york. While looking for his York, he reached Vaju Top of Kargil far away from Tashi Village.

After reaching Venus Top, Tashi started watching his York with his binoculars. During this time, Tashi was seen along with his York as far as six people on a high hill. These people were working to fill the ice by breaking the stone. Tashi first felt that these people were hunters. Tashi continued to see the antithesis of these people for a long time with binoculars. Seeing the dresses, gestures and weapons of these people on the high hill, Tashi did not hesitate to understand that these people were not the hunters but the Pakistani intruders who came across the border.

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He ran away running to his York. Since Tashi is aware of the area's racket, so many times the Indian army took him along with him during patrol. The next day of this incident i.e. a troop of Army was going to Sarna on 3rd May 1999. The army troop took Tashi with him. Meanwhile, Tashi told the army personnel that he had seen six Pakistani intruders wearing white clothes in the high hills of Kargil. Listen to the yachi army soldiers can come in.

To strengthen the words of Yashi, the army personnel began to scrape him. On which, Yashi swore by his children and mother that he saw Pakistani infiltrators on the snowy tops breaking stones and filling ice. On the matter of Yashi, some jawans left for the recruitment of these Pakistani infiltrators. Once again, Vaju reached the top of these army soldiers. From where the soldiers of the army saw the presence of Pakistani intruders in their high heights in the snowy hills with their eyes.

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After that, the information of Pakistani infiltrators went from Kashmir and reached Delhi on the very next day. After that, the Indian Army started the 'Operation Vijay' and started reaching the conclusion of the Pakistani Army soldiers who came in contact with the terrorists.

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