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  1. Are we just talking nobody has been put in prison assets seized and money goes back to the coffourees and stolen back, if politicians were involved who are head of the cartles accountability its now we should put weze in our flag log which is sad???

  2. I am just disgusted with MPs like Joshua Kutuny and his counterparts from western Kenya on the maize issue. Granted that CS Kiunjuri has totally failed in managing the food security arm of his state department of agriculture. He ought to have put in place and established a mechanism for informing the boss and cabinet as well as the Kenyans the state of maize stocks in food security reserves on a month by month basis. The agric department should advise what the best estimates minimum stocks to trigger action should be, then seek for cabinet approval to spend funds earmarked for food security to take corrective actions including import of the commodity to close the gap. He could also advise on diversification of our eating habits to relieve ourselves from total dependence on maize. What would happen if we introduced other foods like yams to our diet. We could import yams from Nigeria and Ghana as an example. I do not see what has prevented CS Kiunjuri from taking such an approach and then justify it if need be. In any case, Kenyans will have been all along informed about the state of food security. In doing this, the CS must have ensured local maize with farmers is mobilized at a fair price per bag. It's reckless for MPs like Kutuny and his counterparts to give maize farmers that government must always buy their maize not unless they are contracted to grow the crop by government. If maize prices do not exceed cost of production the most logical reasoning is for avoiding farming maize. It's economic nonsense to grow a crop that can't break even and contribute a reasonable return. This is common sense and economics 001. Sacking the CS is not a solution to the problem unless we can establish why the CS hasn't done what's right and what impediments exist for him to do his job. The way these MPs are now arguing is an indicator of reasons why departments might be scared to act if the so called oversight tools like the National Assembly is all over them to find errors and intimidate them. It's up to the president and the cabinet to run the affairs of government effectively.

  3. Why don't you report to dci.
    Start first going to dci then come to the press to tell the public what you have reported.Otherwise keep yourselves busy in parliament. YOU ARE BECOMING IRRELEVANT AS LEADERS. MY HOPE PUNGUZA MIZIGO REFERENDUM WILL GO THROUGH SO THAT MOST OF YOU CAN GO HOME.TIRED OF YOUR NOISES.

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