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1 Honduras: The Homicide of Vanessa Zepeda – jj

1 Honduras: The Homicide of Vanessa Zepeda

Interview with Luis Fernando Pacheco of the SITRAIHSS union about the murder of the unionist and Resistance activist Vanessa Zepeda
Vanessa Zepeda was full of life

By Dick (text) and Mirian Emanuelsson (camera)

Full audio interview:

TEGUCIGALPA / 100209 / The news of the murder of Vanessa Yaneth Zepeda Alonso shook again the Honduran people and particularly the members of the National Front of the Popular Resistance, FNRP, of which she was an enthusiastic activist just like her two brothers.

The young nurse, mother of three girls; Six months, and 6 and 9 years respectively, was found south of Tegucigalpa on Wednesday, February 3 at 3:30 p.m. He had left in the morning and there the companion's track was lost.

It was thrown from a moving car in the Loarque neighborhood south of the capital. No signs of firearm bullets or white weapons were found. Nor was anything stolen. He had bought new brand tennis a few days before the murder and even the cell phone was found with the body.

His murderers tried not to leave traces on his body, he had no bullet impacts or signs of cuts by knife. The secrecy of the employees of the Morgue who did not allow COFADEH to see the body left more doubts, writes COFADEH (an organization for the relatives of detainees disappeared during the 1980s) in a press release.

Israeli & Colombian Modality

Andrés Pavón, president of CODEH, Commission in Defense of Human Rights, said in a radio interview with Radio Globo that Colombian paramilitaries and Israeli military advisers are experts in killing without leaving any marks on the body. Despite this, it cannot be ruled out that the origin of the murder is other than a political motive until a thorough investigation is made and the autopsy result is officialized, underlines Luis Fernando Pacheco, a member of the national leadership of the Workers' Union of the Honduran Social Security Institute, SITRAIHSS, in an exclusive interview & video that we present in three parts below.

 Vanessa was always in resistance with Luis, her inseparable friend. Four months ago when he had his daughter, 40 days after delivery, he left the bed and joined the people and the union in the marches to protest against the coup d'etat, adds Pacheco.

Walk in tribute to the fight of Vanessa

She says that the partner was vocal in the education of young union members and that she was a true raw material to be a future union leader. Her concern was to raise awareness among union members who, during years of struggle, have conquered job stability, pension and social security that she suspected could loosen and accommodate the mind and spirit of fighting to defend the interests of the Honduran working class and The same conquests.

This Friday, February 12 at 6:00 p.m. a Walk of recognition to the fight of Vanessa is realized, beginning at the end of the Morazán Boulevard and ending in the embassy of Brazil, which summons SITRAIHSS and FNRP.

(1) The popular consultation on June 28 that created panic in the ruling classes of Honduras and those who executed the coup d'etat on the same day in response to the popular clamor to create a new and inclusive Honduras.


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