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A New GOP Nationwide Socialism is Rising – jj

A New GOP Nationwide Socialism is Rising

A handful of Cadillac Conservatives hosted a conference in Washington, DC. The goal was to embrace the term “nationalism” – and reframe it in a non-bigoted …


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  1. You make some absolutely valid points. The base is angry as hell. And Tucker is tapping into that. It is a new American form of NatSoc. And there are many many working class Americans who are coming over to it. Trump is just the precursor -he’s a typical Boomer level Zionist. The new NatSoc wave will arrive in 2024.

  2. Note how Tucker came out and admitted he admired Elizabeth Warren’s book – especially her “one income should fund a family”. Tucker is definitely a 3rd positionist. A national socialist. Even though he won’t admit to himself yet. NatSoc doesn’t have to be the Hollywood style violent kind – it’s simply a merging of the good points of conservatism ( nationalism , strong defence , liberty ) with the good points of socialism ( Workers rights , protecting workers pay , health care for all , stopping illegal immigration ).

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