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Apple May Spring a Shock this Fall with Their iPhones – jj

Apple May Spring a Shock this Fall with Their iPhones


The experience with Apple Inc in the past has been that the company manages to hold a few things up its sleeve and takes the market by storm. The general sense you may get is the rumors have already disclosed what the specifications and features of the iPhones to be launched in September this year will come with. However, you have to trust this company to come up with some aspects not reported so far. Here’s a summary of what has already been reported.

Form Factor & Display Will Remain the Same Except the Rear Camera Bump

If there has been one curious change Apple is making in this year’s iPhones, which has not been seen earlier, it is the square-shaped bump in the rear to house the cameras on the rear panel. If you leave this aside, the phones that you saw in 2018 and the ones Apple will release in another month and a half will more or less be the same. This camera design change has not been liked a majority of commentators. They feel it is very un-Apple like from the aesthetics point of view. Apple has not reacted even once to all this criticism about the camera bump design in the 2019 iPhones.

iphone 11 2019

The Taptic Engine and the A13 SoC May Hold the Aces

The new technology to look forward to in the three iPhones, the iPhone 11, 11 Max and 11 R of 2019 is the Taptic engine along with the new chipset A13 processor. When such hardware upgrades are made, there may be many new features introduced, which the rumor mongers may not get access to. That the company will do away with the 3D Touch system has been acknowledged. What replaces this with the security and personalization of the iPhones will be watched with interest.

Two other issues will be confirmed once the Apple event to launch their flagships gets underway. One is the speed and performance of the new devices and secondly, how the new SoC and the rumored bigger battery helps with enhancing the battery life. Don’t forget the new OS, iOS 13.

These, put together, may end up placing in the hands of the buyer, another piece of superior technology, keeping the Apple flag flying, as always.

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