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CFE VALE PA PURA VERGA: In Veracruz Mexico, Neighbors maintain COOL a transformer that over heats :[ – jj

CFE VALE PA PURA VERGA: In Veracruz Mexico, Neighbors maintain COOL a transformer that over heats :[

Man.. The nerve of the CFE [ Federal Commision of Electricity] they just dont care about peoples appliances or living standards.. Man Visit the …


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  1. Mexico City has sunk 9 feet and it isn't going to stop. The water systems are gross and back up alot. They are wasting time and ice. Relying on the gov is a fatal mistake. Keep it in the shade, then find one brain to come up with a cooling system. The community can pay for the supplies and implement the plan. It shouldnt cost much. These are weak stupid people. Survival is too important to put it in the hands of anyone but yourself. Fix it permanently then stop paying for the service.

  2. One thing I would like to see is the power lines in the neighborhood Mexico has a big problem with people using as they call them Diablos ( devils ) to steal power I have seen neighborhoods in Tijuana that these things look like spaghetti hanging off of the power lines. Now all that aside I do agree the electrical grid in Mexico definitely needs to be upgraded.
    Maybe one way to get the money for this would be to raid every cartel leader and drug dealer take their money and put it into repairing Mexico and throw the drug dealers and gang members in prison for the rest of their damn lives.
    If you think about it they are a big part of this problem due to the fact that they pay large bribes to government officials to do nothing but set on there ass. These neighborhoods would be better off creating some small Manufacturing type business that give the people a steady income so that local and state taxes could be paid to keep their infrastructure in good working order water electrical and Roads. Along with police fire and emergency medical Teams.

  3. King, see what's heading your way & ours too through Panama. The video is Extra-Continentals Moving Through Panama. The channel is Headlines With A Voice.
    If your country dosent stop them at your southern border – we're so beyond screwed.

  4. Build a shed with air conditioner put transformer on the air conditioning shed along with ice bags for extra assurance of keeping it cooled I wonder what's hell wrong with peoples problem solving skills? The purchase of ice they should buy air conditioner unit hooked to transformer that would be priority first then the cooled transformer then can continue to provide electricity to others because it's kept cooled !

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