Nice White Shark – Tagged and Launched by SWEET DREAM III Sportfishing

SWEET DREAM III Sportfishing – Tagged and released a 7′ Great White Shark while tuna fishing on Stellwagen bank. Fishing out of Gloucester MA.


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  1. @Cow2enjoi Maybe you should take a psychology class on deviant behavior so you can figure out why you sit and home and berate strangers on youtube, are angry at the world, and have no life, no friends…Stop blaming everyone else for your misery and get off the couch.

  2. Yeah, let it go so it can grow bigger and come back and eat some helpless swimmer. We need more great whites like we need more hurricanes and tornadoes (not blaming the fishermen, but the moonbats who want to save the world from itself . I'm sure the fishermen would be glad to sell it for shark steaks)

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