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The best way to Cap an Unused Pure Gasoline Line – jj

The best way to Cap an Unused Pure Gasoline Line



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  1. Loved video. Yellow plumbers tape for gas is best thing I learned. Would have liked to see procedure on capping very old gas line coming into old gas heater. But, since you work mostly on commercial, I understand the industrial use factor of video. Thanks again for yellow tape tip! 🙂

  2. Thank you for your video. I'm in the mist of moving in the next two weeks and I'm taking my gas dryer in my home. It does have a red shut off handle not as long as the one in this video. So the brass fitting cap is it the standard size cap for all gas lines? Home and commercial.

  3. I had a gas dryer and I switch to an electric ventless type. I shut off the gas line I was wondering if that’s all I need to do. I don’t think will be using it again. If I were to hire somebody to do this, and this is a stupid question, Who would I hire what is the profession that would handle the this, I guess not a plumber, right? I know it’s a dumb question I feel idiot asking ha ha. I actually honestly have no clue.

  4. I have a question i bought a used gas stove and we want to take out the flare thread that is connected to the stove but it looks like they glued it in. Is there any chance i can actually take it out ?

  5. Hi,I plan on getting my gas line capped, by sure of the rite medal, also I plan on getting a hot water tank installed later on but I hve a few gas leaks repairs to do, very worried I don't want pipes to explode shouldn't all valves b shut off first

  6. Very well done. I'm about to attempt this in my home, but I'd like to also remove the pipe section that contains the valve, so that our new electric range can be pushed closer to the wall. Do you see any reason for me NOT to remove that valve section? This would leave us with a pipe that sticks out from the wall only about an inch and a half. Thank you!

  7. Thanks so much.  With the workforce being what it is today, it was so nice to have someone explain how to do this.  I am glad I did not buy what was given to me to purchase for the job from my local big box store.  It would have been the wrong cap and the wrong tape.  The visual was great too. Now I know specifically what I am looking for to do the job.

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