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The way to practice your dragon Rating: That is Berk – jj

The way to practice your dragon Rating: That is Berk

Track one from the soundtrack.

John Powell is one of my favourite composers, what he does is just amazing^^ enjoy.


movie (C) DreamWorks
music (C) John Powell


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  1. Holy shit. 2010 was a great year for movie music. The Social Network had great music. Inception had great music. This had great music. They should've just not done the Oscar for Best Original Score that year and just give honorary Oscars to all three of these movies.

  2. I am playing an arrangement of HtTYD and I have been blessed with the flute solo at 2:17 and I am so happy and thrilled!
    Commence the multiple sessions of listening to this recording and practice sessions trying to get it perfect

  3. Sorry for my english
    I was 4 when this film came out and when it played on our TV i was scared of dragons in that movie an i was 8 when the second film came out and i was so exiced to watch that i begged my sister to come with to the cinema and she come.

  4. at school they had a live concert play this song and a few others it brought out the tears that soon the whole series of the movies will be finished no more. it reminded me of the first and second movies i love them so much

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