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If the lady forces the person, is it a rape? – jj

If the lady forces the person, is it a rape?


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When a man is sexually coerced with a woman without any reason, then it is a rape, but if a woman forces a man to do so without his permission, then is not it also a rape?

It is not a rape in the law of England and Wales, but a writer who studies this incident says that it should be so.

Doctor Siobhan Viere of Lancaster University Law School has done the first research in the UK for forced sex during the year 2016-17. In this, he collected information from over 200 men through an online survey.

He has personally interviewed 30 men between May 2018 and July 2019. This research has recently been published.

It has been discussed in detail in situations where there is a forced sex, what are the consequences, and how the legal action is involved.

The names of all the people to be interviewed have been kept confidential, but we will call one of them by the name of John.

John explains that something is going wrong, its first impression happened when his partner started hurting himself.

After a horrific incident, she took her partner to the hospital where the couple spoke for hours on the psychological causes behind it.

Rather than harming himself after nearly six months, he started targeting John.

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John explains, "I was sitting in the living room and he came from the kitchen, hit my nose very loudly and ran away laughing slogan. After that, a fight started daily."

He later tried to get help from his doctor. He had some counseling and he was advised to take a psychiatric treatment.

John explains that when his partner returned home after the office, he began to 'seek sex' from them, "He started becoming violent and the situation reached here that I would be scared to think of coming home."

Once John's eye was open, he found that his right arm was tied in a handcuff with the frame of the bed. This was done by his partner.

Then started sticking to the head of the stereo system of the bedside stereo system, and tied his second hand with the nylon rope and pressured him to have sex.

John was unable to fulfill his plan of pain and fear, so his partner started to beat him again and tied for half an hour. After that his partner was not ready to talk about anything.

After some time he became pregnant and for a few days the quarrel broke. But a few days after the baby was born again when John's eyes were open one night, his hand was tied with a handcuff with a bed.

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Assumptions in people

He told that his partner forced Viagra and forced his mouth shut.

He used to say, "I could not do anything, after that I went to the bath and I do not know how long I was in the shower, in the end I went down the stairs. The first thing he said to me as soon as I entered the room- "what's for supper?"

When John tried to tell the people about it, nobody believed.

He explains, "I have been told why I did not leave the house, this was my house which I had bought for my children and money was mine, so I was financially tied in. People are still on me I do not believe because people say why did not you hit him back? I wish I had been getting rid quickly. "

Dr. Viere interviewed a few more men. His work was also similar to John. One findings from his research is that this crime is mostly with female partners or X partners and it often happens in domestic violence.

Another man said, "We are afraid to talk about it and are embarrassed. When we talk about it, then we do not believe, because we are men."

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Men are often ashamed to report these experiences, they can report domestic violence without mentioning sexual abuse.

There may be serious effects on the mind, thoughts of suicide can come and sexual capacity can go.

Some men said repeatedly to suffer, some were suffering from sexual abuse in childhood, some tolerated sexual violence in different ways.

Men had many negative perceptions about the police, the judicial system and the law.

A myth in Viere's research has also revealed that forcibly sex with men is impossible because men are physically stronger than women.

The second is that men with women consider all sexual occasions positive.

A third myth is that if there is excitement in men, then that means he definitely wants sex. According to Viere, "In fact, excitation is purely a physiological response."

She says, "If men are scared, angry, fearful, etc. they can also be excited and can remain. There are also researches that show that if women are raped, they can be sexually active because they The body responds physically, it is an issue for both the male and female victims, which have not been adequately discussed, there is clear evidence about this. "

In the Viayre year 2017 study, many of the participants told about the experiences of sex even after being addicted, they were unable to stop what was happening to them.

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Legal recognition

One of the interviewees said that after going to the house after a night party with a woman in the club, she was given a date rape medicine and forced to sex for forced sex.

Another person told that when she was a student, she was forced to have sex in a summer camp.

Viere says that in most recent studies, most participants considered their forced sex experiences as "rape" and some were disappointed that it would not be counted as rape under the laws of England and Wales.

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Another person said, "Talking about this fact, to tell that your partner was intoxicated and he imposed himself on you, rather raped you, does not it seem like a fantasy?"

Viere writes that rape is defined as roughly non-consent sex in many U.S. states. The Australian State of Victoria also has a law in this regard.

One of the eight recommendations recommended in research is that there is a dire need to improve the rape law.

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