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It's All Prostitution – jj

It's All Prostitution

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  1. There are a lot of women who will have sex with you as long as you pay There student loans off. They get you off and you pay off their student loan. It’s legal because there is no money transaction. It’s a rich man’s game.

  2. I've been saying for this for at least ten years. Marriage is technically prostitution. Women choosing a man who has more money than other men is prostitution. Women chasing rich guys and only dating men with money is prostitution. It's so obvious

  3. Honestly.
    If some bald, middle aged, mentally retarded simp in his mid-life crisis wants to piss away his money paying off some thot's student loans…Hay! more power to him.
    Truth be told.
    I'd rather have legions of these ignorant simps pissing away their life savings rather than hard working taxpayers bailing out those people.

  4. A women's "love" is purely transactional, nothing more, nothing less.
    Once you accept this, you can make sense of women far better than any PUA.
    I think it was a 90s Chris Rock said, "P#$$Â¥ isn't free!"

  5. Iv been married for 22 years and within 3 years of getting married I paid off my wife's student loans in one lump sum payment. She had been going to school for six years so it wasn't a small amount. I never really thought about it but she got me cover something she accumulated before we got married.

  6. I read a novel by Robert S. Hienlien entitled 'The Glory Road' wherein there was an ad'hock wedding between two of the main characters. They had to jump over the main character's sword while another character recited something like (it was a long time ago I read the book) "Jump now rogue, jump now whore and ye be wedded evermore". Sums it up.

  7. Even if you accept that you have to exchange money(in some form) for sex, it's getting really difficult to accept anything less than a direct transfer. Seriously, the hoops and the money? It's usually just too tiring.

  8. A buddy of mine in Scottsdale just gave his girlfriend of 6 months $150K and he didn't secure the supposed loan. He is flat out a monkey Simpanzee to the utmost…..poor bastard is 61, she is 50. Timmy C the forever bachelor.

  9. Men be bitter asf that they can’t just fuck and move on. They have to actually give in order to get (like EVERYONE IN LIFE)???

    And also, when prostitution takes places it’s an ESTABLISHED AGREEMENT that goods WILL BEE EXCHANGED FOR SEX. It’s NOT to the same as dating someone, figuring out that you DO actually care for them, and desire a sexually intimate relationship. Who hurt you and got you out of some money with sex???

  10. Because they all chose the "strong/independent" route over being a team player with men I offer females nothing. It's not a date, it's a "meetup" and you will have to pay you own way. You had it all ladies, and you wanted more. I was divorce raped and had to learn the hard way. Better late than never.

  11. Stay Single = Keep your Sanity. I do however believe it is important to have experience with women to truly understand first hand what women's nature really is. This is difficult for the young men who can easily be falsely accused of all sorts of nonsense, fired, cheated on, flaked on, etc.

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