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Rory McIlroy Gradual Movement Swing Distinctive View – jj

Rory McIlroy Gradual Movement Swing Distinctive View

Rory McIlroy swing in slow motion from his target line. Check out how is hip turn at impact stops briefly, recoils and continues forward. He generates a lot of speed and power with his swing in a relatively small frame. Great view of the release and finish from here as well.


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  1. You know why I like this view? Because it shows that he is not trying to take the club straight back in the swing,. it is starting to turn inside pretty early. You often hear people talking about taking the club straight back and then bringing it up… but he is definitely taking it inside pretty early

  2. Lol well Im doing pretty good now. Down to a single digit handicap. I've gone from a draw to a consistent fade. My only swing thoughts are to keep the right elbow pointing down on backswing and trying to point it at the target on down swing, and shifting my weight left. A year ago my best finish was a 82. Now its a 72. And all self taught 🙂

  3. Haha, you are wrong too. Their levels are definitely not the same at impact as they were at address. It's obvious that Tiger and Rory's heads are lower at impact than address on any down the line video. They don't hit it fat for a completely different reason. What's funny is that while factual and helpful you still won't listen to this.

  4. I am completely fine with people not listening to me. I'm not trying to sell anything. I was just doing this guy the favor of telling him he's headed in the wrong direction so he doesn't waste his time. But that's where the favors stop was my point. Maybe I can better at golf than 99% of non touring golf pros. Maybe I shoot 100, who knows…

  5. Many don't and none of them ever lose their posture. The ones that do "sink" down because sinking because of the coiling of their overall body. This has a lot of dynamic moving parts and is not just a result of the knee action. Just as a coil tightens up, an athletic golf swing will do the same.

    They don't hit it fat because as they get to the ball their levels are basically the same as when they started the golf swing at address. They don't dip down and stay dipped down.

  6. People who don't have muscles themselves or aren't really athletes are generally really dumb at determining size when they see somebody with even the slightest bit of muscle definition. They see that and think the person is huge when they aren't at all. It's funny. Like Camilo Villegas, people think he's huge, haha. These people are in shape little midgets if they stand next to Ernie Els or Dustin Johnson. People have no perspective abilities.

  7. Why do pros dip their heads and upper body a little at the start of downswing, and not hit fat? Anyone know the definite answer?

    Seems like during the backswing, their left knee bends out more, then during the backswing, in order for the hips to turn, the right knee has to bend out as much as the left knee, resulting overall upper body lowering movement. Then since their hips and shoulders are turning so fast, this creates massive lag, shortening the distance from the shoulders to the ball

  8. Easy for the right shoulder to drop to far down as the hips move toward your target and upward. Need to feel like you are covering the ball more with your right side than letting that right shoulder down below the swing plane.

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