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Timi Dakolo addresses press convention over alleged rape allegations, harassment – jj

Timi Dakolo addresses press convention over alleged rape allegations, harassment

Nigerian singer Timi Dakolo is an unhappy man at the moment.

He claims the privacy of his family, especially that of his young children have been breached, since his wife granted an interview accusing a pastor of rape.

Mister Dakolo also says his family has been harrased and bullied and is accusing police of neither responding to their petition concerning the alleged rape, nor inviting the pastor for questioning.

He addressed a news conference and spoke on the police action on his home on Saturday.

He elaborated on the cause of the alleged infringement on his privacy.

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  1. God bless you Busola! God bless you Timi! You will prevail. Every man or woman who think they can break you will have their heads and backs broken by their actions. Every trap they have laid or tried to lay at your feet will entrap the ones that laid it in Jesus name! They will pay for their actions!!! You will prevail!

  2. Every man has to look at this man with pride and admiration hes an ideal man an exceptional man at that .Gods grace continue to be with u timi dakolo.His grandmother did an awesome job raising him. ?

  3. I had that Nigeria is not save for our brother Timi Dakola and his family.
    Pls we want them to come over her in Las Vegas just very close to where our brother Davido bought his new house.
    For that we want all the Nigerian celebrities to donate 5millon Naira each
    And the BLOGGER'S1.500 dollars each and we the supporters 10 ,000 thousand Naira each
    Pls we careless who you support
    Is your money that we need. This is a man that want to STAND for all the voiceless ppl in Nigeria .the donation made my GOFUNDME. COM is not enough for this.????????????????????????‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?

  4. One major flaw with this issue is that the person who is giving the press release should be the alleged victim and not the husband. He seems to be driving this issue more than the wife. He is not supporting her, he is leading on the issue. Why the wife is not the one giving the press conference is beyond me…..who is the alleged victim????

  5. Timi and Busola, God bless you, protect, guide and keep you. Do not mind the corrupt People who are antagonizing you, they have had worse happen to them but they don’t have the courage you have, and they think no one should have such courage, hence, they fear to speak out.Your defender, Jehovah God is stronger and able to see you through. The rod of the wicked will not rest on your family in Jesus name. I congratulate you for the courage it took you to speak. Given the quiet nature of your wife, please find alternative housing arrangement for the time being, at least for the children’s sake. God bless you and hold your hands through this.We love you, and we lift you up in our prayers daily.

  6. And I will build my church and the gate of hell shall not prevail. Guess who the church is? You, I, Busola, everybody! Guess who the forces of hell are? Those who see the truth and say otherwise, those who stand on the altar and abuse the pew, those who destroy the lady lives of others.

  7. Kemi Oluloyo needs to be sued and arrested. She is misleading everyone with false information and going against the Dakolo's. She should not be investigating anything that is already in court. She needs to let the court do their job and let the law work. She is exposing the couple too much to lots threats. Her investigation is from google, gossip friends, and her imaginations.

  8. What is the business of Aisha buhari though. After all, she was raped by buhari many years ago, what did she do. I suspect this may be a fulani manipulation to weaken the church. The pastors are no saints though, they are all thiefs, rapist and liars. We need group fellowship and not church for we are now all members of the royal priesthood. Therefore, go to your father direct- Abba Father. You dont need a pastor, the holy spirit is our teacher today no pastors. They should go find a job.

  9. As a nation and a people we are stupid. How some of us can still think allegations like this can't be true when all over the world so called men of God are being convicted of pedophilia, rape and sexual assault. Is Nigeria that great that it is not happening there?

  10. If the pastor in question is innocent why harass these people? He needs to take the couple to court to prove his innocence.The pastor’s reaction to the allegations makes him look guilty already.
    My respect for you Timi Dakolo is at another level. Thank you for standing by your wife. You are truly the man of the year.

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