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Toby Keith – How Do You Like Me Now?! – jj

Toby Keith – How Do You Like Me Now?!

Get Toby’s latest release here: http://smarturl.it/AllTobyKeith Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/ydEfi3 Follow Toby Keith: https://www.facebook.com/tobykeith/ …



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  1. This I was written for my Ex! named Shianne! I’m ??? times the man without your ass! I had to put my ✌? cents on this because I know you liked Toby Keith- hope life is good for ya in the trailer park girl.

  2. The first verse of this song is him describing how he vandalized school property urging other students to crank call her requesting sexual favors, but we're supposed to believe she's the one who's getting comeuppance for not dating him, now that he's famous?

    Yeah, you're not actually the good guy here, Toby.

  3. Am I the only one who thinks this song reeks of incel entitlement? Let's humiliate a girl to get her attention and then wonder why she doesn't like me. Then let's write a song celebrating the fail of her marriage 20 years later. How much of an ass do you need to be?

    Love the song, but hate actually listening to the lyrics. I'd rather live under a bridge than be with that.

  4. I love you so much and you can talk to me about it when I get back home I will send you the money for it and you can talk to me and I will send you the link for the video of the kids to bed with you and your team for this weekend but if you need to come back and see if you need anything

  5. How do you like my 2 footer ?
    Now that I'm up your butt?
    You still think I'm small now that I'm ripping you in two?
    I couldn't make you love me
    But I always dreamed about plowing up dat pudden tang how do you like my empire State building ?????????????????????

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