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Trump denies tariff exemption for the Mac Professional, tells Apple to 'make them within the USA' – jj

Trump denies tariff exemption for the Mac Professional, tells Apple to 'make them within the USA'


Donald Trump took to Twitter earlier today and said that Apple will not get a tariff waiver for its forthcoming Mac Pro. Apple, if you recall, petitioned the Office of the United States Trade Representative for an exemption earlier this month after the company opted to shift production from Texas to China. The tariff in question would subject the Mac Pro to a 25% duty tax on select components and parts.

“Apple will not be given Tariff waiver, or relief, for Mac Pro parts that are made in China,” Trump’s tweet reads. “Make them in the USA, no Tariffs!”

Incidentally, some other Apple products have managed to avoid Trump’s tariffs, with AirPods and the Apple Watch being two prime exceptions.

According to previous remarks from Trump, exemptions will be available when companies show that key parts for products in question can only be obtained in China and are not “strategically important” to Chinese industrial programs. Apple tried to argue as much in its filing with the U.S. Trade Representative’s Office, but Trump apparently didn’t find it sufficiently persuasive.

Apple previously manufactured the trash can Mac Pro in Texas, making it the only major Apple device made in the United States. Production problems, though, prompted Apple to revert manufacturing back to China with respect to the new cheese grater Mac Pro. If you recall, a New York Times piece revealed that production in Texas was plagued by even simple problems, with an insufficient supply of screws being a prime example.

The new Mac Pro is slated to launch later this year at a base price of $5,999.

Image Source: Apple Inc.

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