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Individuals dwelling in Mexico reward 'Seguro Well-liked' common well being care – jj

Individuals dwelling in Mexico reward 'Seguro Well-liked' common well being care

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  1. In the USA medical care is a “for profit” industry with cost the highest in the world! My wife went to an emergency room for a spider bite and after paying the emergency room visit cost of $254 which had to be paid on the spot, we received a $621 bill from the doctor!!! All the doctor did was write a prescription! She was in and out within 20 minutes with the doctors time being less than 5 minutes. The only way to have universal health care here in the USA would be to cut ALL cost by over 90%. Or economy would go bankrupt at current USA Medical cost! That’s a FACT!

  2. All the racist morons in the comments talking shit about Mexico. Diverting their anger to another country while your beautiful terrorist empire fucks you in the ass without lube. You still stand up for your peace of shit imperialist shithole that detests its own citizens.

  3. And we're not complaining about stupid racist things such as "Oh, they're not mexican they must not get the same service as we do, Mexico for the mexicans!" or "Learn to speak Spanish!!" "Go back to your country this care service is not for you" or "show me your papers, show me that you're living here legally"…O_o …we're a welcoming and warm country unlike you in the USA a "first-world country". Think about it!

  4. American citizens ask to your Goverment for Universal Health Care, you are the richest, powerful country of the developed wordl, are not fair for you that have dedicated your entire life and paying taxes do not have a Universal Health Care.

  5. We treat people as people, retirees don't invest in Mexico they come here because is cheaper and they get free health care, they enjoy life in a fun environment, and we treat them with the same respect as if they were one of our own…

  6. My friend broke his ankle after falling from a bike and had to be sururgically intervened, he was sent to a major hospital through Seguro Popular and got everything taken care at no cost at all, zero, zito.I remember in LA a woman dying outside the emergency room for not having insurance..

  7. Sorry I lived in Mexico for a couple of years I would rather pay here in the US then be caught dead in a Mexican hospital. If these Americans had lived outside of the touristy areas they would have been caught dead going there. UHC is not the answer for healthcare

  8. Why are Americans living such a good life in Mexico when Mexicans are being abused and insulted by white Americans I'm just asking?
    Since Americans a rounding up Mexicans and separating them from their families Maybe they Will not do that if Mexico does the same thing
    It's not right what immigration is doing it's immoral

  9. And we Mexicans that pay a lot of taxes to have medical service for our people now we have to cover also for red necks ? That is outrageous! We should enforce our immigration laws and avoid the entrance to the country to all this people. They discriminate our Mexican brothers and come here waiting to have services they can’t afford over there. I just have to say this: go back home. You are not welcome here in Mexico. Mexico First !!!

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