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Every thing you’ll want to learn about rave occasion drug ecstasy MDMA | Supplier getting on-line for occasion drug, leverage system loop gap – jj

Every thing you’ll want to learn about rave occasion drug ecstasy MDMA | Supplier getting on-line for occasion drug, leverage system loop gap


  • Banned Party Drug MD Ecstasy, caught from a student in Bhopal, is sold for many fake names
  • Extense drug can get 110 grams of 3 lakh rupees; Rev. Young's drug addiction in the pool party
  • Drug Dealing is also being done by making the portal called B2B portal marketplace

Dainik Bhaskar

Jul 28, 2019, 08:03 AM IST

DB Original Desk New-age new drugs are being created in the big cities of the country. They are from the parties. The shocking thing is that their strings are linked to the world's infamous corners. Online order and delivery has become a new channel. There is no control over it nor does it look. A few days ago In Madhya Pradesh's capital, Bhopal, the police has seized the banned drugs MD / Ecstasy from a student doing Amtek. 110 gram MD was seized from the accused, which cost around three lakh rupees.

These intoxicants are spoiled by the big cities and it is used more in the revised parties organized by them. In the interrogation, Surakant spoke of bringing these drugs from Delhi, Pune and Maharashtra. Four years ago when he reached the Pune-based hostel, then there were 80 children. Five of them used to take drugs. After a year, this figure has increased from five to 75.

How is the purchase of online drug sales? How dangerous are these drugs? And how is this work going on? We discussed the issue with Cyber ​​Expert Reserved Tandon, Dr. Niranjan Srivastava, IT Professor of Goddess Ahilya University, Professor of School of Pharmacy Dr. Masir Ahmad Khan and Bhopal Police Officer Umesh Yadav.

Demand of fast-growing party drug in last 5 years

Demand of synthetic and party drugs has increased rapidly in the last 5 years across the country. However, Ganja is still the most seized addictive substance. According to the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), MDMA, Meow Meow and Mauli are being used in large quantities in party drugs. According to the Drug Enforcement Agency, Mallya is being illegally brought to India from Myanmar. The concern is that many prohibited drugs are being sold online with different names.

What is MD / Ecstasy and how dangerous?

  1. Drugs spread slowly

    Party drugs Mithilineidioxy Methamphetamine (MDMA) and Mephedron are sold by many names. Almost every country has its code names. This drug is also smoked and mixed with water. The price of one such gram drug in the drug market is between Rs.1000 and Rs.15000.

    Professor Dr. Masir Ahmad Khan explains that MDMA is also known as Xtacey. Among the addicts, there are even more code names. After taking this, addiction goes into the brain. Comes to Madhu. Most people take it for fun. Taking too much quantity together can cause a threat to life.

    Mefadron is commonly known as 'Meyan-Myow' and is used illegally in the parties for drunkenness. Meow-Meow is the largest producer in Nigeria and Afghanistan. Mafia does the most intoxication of this drug. It is soluble in water or taken through injection. Its use in India as party drugs has increased greatly in recent times.

    Popular in these parties being drug

  2. Is this a bane? So how did you buy?

    In the past, through the IndiaMart website in Bhopal, the student bought MDMA drug. In this case, Sumit Bedi, Vice President Marketing Department of Indiamart, said in the statement that the percentage of those who deal in such restrictions is very low in our business. We are always trying to stop the sale of illegal drugs. For this, the company regularly interacts with the police and the responsible institution.

    Police officer Umesh Yadav said that this drug has been in operation since 2010. It is common to meet in big cities. Because of this, the government banned it in 2015. It has been declared illegal under the Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act 1985. Under this act, banana, smack, heroin, cocaine etc. have also been banned. Buying or selling it is strictly prohibited. Suryakant bought it through IndiaMart. This website does not have the accessories, but the buyer-seller numbers are available. Taking advantage of this arrangement Suryakant bought the drug.

    The student bought this drug through the IndiaMart website.

  3. Why and when do they take this drug?

    Most young people take it in the pool and the Rev Party. According to police officer Yadav, this drug is taken in the parties to the Rev, Pool or Farmhouse. Students residing in the hostels are also getting it etc. It is also smoked and dissolved in water. At the time of sniffing, there is a lot of pressure on the mind, due to which the youngsters are getting it. According to him, the party in which drug addiction is being used is a Rev Party. Initially, these were taken LSD i.e. lisargic acid diethylamide. But then there was a stringent law for drugs, now MDMA and Mefadron are getting intoxicants.

  4. Can the website sell anything?

    Dr. Niranjan Srivastava, professor of IT at the IMS Department of Devi Ahilya University, said that the system of regular monitoring of any website is not in India. Anyone can make websites and sell services, goods by taking the interface from the bank. There is no full-screen monitoring system of what he is selling, how he is selling. Such sites, called B to B (Business to Business) Portal Market, connect buyers and sellers together. Now what the seller is selling the goods, there is no explanation.

    How Do the Drug Addiction Work?

  5. How does the website get the payment gateway?

    Professor Shrivastav says that any website has to take an interface with the bank for payment gateway. Before giving an interface, the bank checks whether the website is secured or not. When the website is secured, the bank cuts its commission on every transaction. In order to provide payment gateway, SBI does very well, but the private bank gives easy interfaces because they get commission on every transaction from the company. In such cases, many such websites get payment gateways which are not secured.

  6. Directly give the seller number B to B

    In India there are many B-to-B platforms, such as IndiaMart which connects the seller and buyers. The buyer can contact the seller directly through it. According to the information given on the website, 5 million business inquiries are generated every month. Amazon, Flipkart, Mentra, Jabong, Shopchild, Snapdeal, Petty M Mall are also e-commerce platforms. Although they are platforms in the B2C (Business-to-Consumer) category and there is such a system that the seller can not be contacted directly. If you book something from here, then the website delivers its delivery. Whereas in B to B, the seller's number is provided directly.

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